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1st semester 2021/2022

Odontotechnology and Prosthodontics Preclinical Course III. Requirements
Information for the students


There is no lecture in the first semester of the III-rd year


2nd semester 2021/2022

Prosthodontics I.
Information for the students  
1. Features of en elderly patient, gerostomatological considerations Dr. Péter Kivovics 02.02.2022.
2. “From complaints to the prognosis.” – interview content of the first patient visit; treatment options for complete edentulous patients Dr. Péter Kivovics 09.02.2022.
3. Retention factors of complete dentures Dr. Orsolya Németh 16.02.2022.
4. Primary impressions, special tray Dr. János König 23.02.2022.
5. Secondary (functional) impressions I. Dr. János König 02.03.2022.
6.  Secondary (functional) impressions II. Dr. János König 09.03.2022.
7. Basic gnathological terms Dr. Szilvia Ambrus 16.03.2022.
8. Capturing jaw relation Dr. Máté Jász 23.03.2022.
9. Fabrication of the trial denture, occlusal concepts Dr. János König 30.03.2022.
10. Processing of the final denture, fitting Dr. Péter Kivovics 06.04.2022.
11. Patient care in completely edentulous cases  Éva Székelyhidi 20.04.2022.
12. Odontotechnological consideration of complete dentures Dr. Dénes Palaszkó 27.04.2022.
13. Implant prosthodontics in complete edentulous cases I.  Dr. Tamás Déri 04.05.2022.
14. Implant prosthodontics in complete edentulous cases II.  Dr. Tamás Déri 11.05.2022.