Dietitians are experts of human nutrition, who use their evidence-based knowledge about healthy diet to identify diseases caused by malnutrition and to design and implement diet therapy independently as well as part of a medical team.

Students of dietetics will learn about the clinical implications of malnutrition, the physiological effects of a healthy diet on the individual and its overall impact on society. They will be able to translate up-to-date scientific research on food and public health into practice by planning specific nutritional regimens tailored to the needs of the patients. The program offers a well-balanced combination of practice and theory in the fields of food and nutritional science, clinical dietetics, epidemiology, biophysics, medical technology, catering management enabling graduates to choose from a wide range of career opportunities.

Duration of the program: 4 years/8 semesters
Degree: B.Sc
Entrance requirements: Successful completion of a Biology and an English language test

Career opportunities: Hospitals, Social and health care institutions, Nutritional advisor, Public institutions and companies, Fitness and wellness industry, Catering industry, Health promotion