Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 22 June 2021
314574 Total vaccines

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Due to the COVID situation, asking for an appointment via email is required at the Doctor’s Office until further notice:
Dr. Sándor Hollós: in email sent to, indicating the name, grade of the student, as well as the reason for seeking doctor’s advice.

Assistant Henriett Galvács: you can register for an appointment on the following link:,

in case no personal contact is required (e.g. you would like to ask a question only), please contact Ms. Galvács via the following email address:

When coming to a visit, please always be punctual!

We will respond via email and will continue to resolve your requests online or – if necessary – in person.

Thank you for your cooperation:
Dr. Sándor Hollós
Doctor’s Office