Phone: +36-1-459-1500/60475 (ext.)
It can be found on the ground floor, to the left of the Reception
Opening hours: M-F, 9:30AM-12:30PM

Semmelweis Publishers was founded in 1990 at Semmelweis University. In 2006, the University renewed its publishing company Semmelweis Publishing and Multimedia Studio Ltd. with a new corporate identity, with a humble attitude towards the medical and natural sciences, but with a modern and new approach to the Hungarian medical, pharmaceutical and natural sciences, and be actively involved in the Hungarian book market.

In the Semmelweis Publisher Shop, you can also select books from other publishers. We will obtain your requested books upon request. You can buy in person, but you can order your book by phone, on the Internet and by email ( Payment: cash, credit card. We also accept bank transfers for bulk orders from institutions.