Balázs Hankó PhD


Place and Date of Birth

Salgótarján, 20 March 1978

He is married and father of four children.



Phone: (+36 1) 266-0791, 459-1500 ext. 55351




Schools, Degrees

2001 Pharmacy diploma at the Semmelweis University of Medicine Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2004 Specialized exam of Pharmacy Administration

Ph.D. degree, summa cum laude qualification
Project: “The opportunities of pharmaceutical care in the case of type 2 diabetic patients in Hungary”

2008 Medical Manager diploma

Specialized exams of Hospital, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy management

2017 Specialized exam of Pharmaceutical care




Semmelweis University, University Pharmacy  Department of Pharmacy Administration


Deputy director of University Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Administration

2009 Chief pharmacist of the Semmelweis University
2011 Associate professor
2015 ExCo member of Clinical Centre of the University
2017-2018 Ministerial Commissioner of the Ministry of Human Capacities, State Secretariat for Education
1 July 2018 –
Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development
15 September 2019 –
Ministerial Commissioner of development strategy of higher education at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology,


Functions, memberships

2007-2010 Professional secretary of the National Committee on Pharmaceutical Care  
2010-2014 Pharmaceutical adviser of the Minister of State for Health Care  
2011-2016 Pharmaceutical adviser of the Director General of National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines  
2011- Member of the National Committee on Pharmaceutical Care  
2012-2017 Head of the Executive Committee of the Department of Pharmaceutical Care of the Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences  
2012- Professional secretary of the National Drug Therapeutic Committee  
2015- Head of the Pharmacists’ Competency framework Committee of Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists  
2018- Member of the Health Professional College in hospital/clinical pharmacy field  



2006-2009 ExCo member of the EuroPharm Forum
2009-2015 Vice president of the EuroPharm Forum
2010-2014 Hungarian representative of the committee of experts on quality and safety standards in pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical care European (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare)
2013-2015 Advisory board member of European Forum for Primary Care