Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 13 April 2021
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The Senate of Semmelweis University decided on the introduction of an elective course entitled “Medical commitments related to the epidemiological emergency situation caused by coronavirus”, which enables the students to receive credit points for their participation in PCR testing and other medical procedures related to the current epidemiological situation.

In the framework of the elective course recently introduced, there is an opportunity for the accomplishment of diverse medical tasks related to the current epidemiological emergency situation, depending on the faculty and the class, that is to say the competences of the student. Among other things, there is an opportunity for PCR sample taking, COVID patient care, the professional storage and transportation of samples as well as administrative tasks. For the altogether 2 x 7 days’ commitment per semester, not necessarily in a coherent time period, students are provided with 4 credit points. Taking this course and therefore actively participating in the fight against coronavirus does not disadvantage the academic and examination requirements of the students; for the volunteer work accomplished in the framework of the elective course, they are entitled to receive a scholarship in the course of a grant application.

The background of the introduction of the new elective course is that Semmelweis students have been playing an active role in the current epidemiological situation since the appearance of coronavirus in Hungary. During the first wave of the epidemic, the majority of graduating medical students did volunteer work at the university clinics and since August, approximately 200 students participate in the accomplishment of PCR testing at Semmelweis University. At the request of the Operative Staff (Operatív Törzs), starting from October 29, 2020, 200 Semmelweis students (160 active participants and 40 students as back-up) provide support for the National Ambulance Service in the PCR sample taking in Budapest and the central region of Hungary per week during a time period of altogether 10 weeks. The introduction of the new elective course aims at providing an opportunity for students from as many classes of every faculty as possible to contribute to the fight against coronavirus in relation to their competences.


Pálma Dobozi
Featured image (illustration): Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University
Translation: Katalin Illés-Romhányi

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