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Personal and Property Protection
Using Taxis

Personal and Property Protection

You should always pay particular attention to protecting personal items and equipment at the University, while travelling on public transport and in public areas. Such items include:

  • Cash, bank cards, credit cards, cheques;
  • Personal and vehicle documents, car keys;
  • Portable electronics (e.g. mobile phones, laptops, cameras, camcorders, mp3 players);
  • Valuable clothing, jewellery
  • Other small, valuable items

Some practical advice on preventing robbery and theft

  • Don’t carry around anything that you will not use for your day-to-day studies;
  • Only keep a small amount of cash in your wallet.
  • Don’t keep your bank card/credit card together with your personal documents or in your wallet. Store them separately, preferably in an inside pocket;
  • Never leave your bag, laptop or other technical equipment unattended even for a short time. If you do have to leave them, make sure you ask someone you know personally to look after them;
  • Be careful about making new acquaintances in clubs, on the street or in other public places. Avoid pushy groups who want to get to know you at all costs.
  • Although there may be pickpockets anywhere in the city, the danger is greater on public transport and at the market. Always keep your bag close to you on trams, the metro and buses, and never carry valuables, cash or wallets in outside pockets.
  • Only exchange foreign currency at banks or official bureaux de change. Avoid illegal money changers (on the streets, railway stations, underpasses).

If you fall victim to a crime (e.g. theft, robbery, harassment, physical injury, rape, or attempts at any of these), follow the following advice:

  • If you are the victim of a crime you can make a report to any police body, although it is most practical to do this at the district police station where the crime was committed. You can ask for an English or German interpreter at the police station.
  • If you are injured, call the ambulance service (tel. no. 104) immediately. Do not leave the location until the ambulance service arrives, and if you need to, ask for help from passers-by.
  • If you have suffered not only an injury, but material damage as well, notify the police (tel. no. 107). Do not leave the location until the police arrive.
  • Make a report to the police about the type of equipment stolen, its serial number, IMEI number, characteristics as soon as possible.
  • If you are a victim of a crime at the University, notify the head of the department and the security service. If necessary, ask the department head to arrange for interpretation;
  • If your mobile phone or bank card is stolen, take immediate steps to block its use.

Using Taxis

If possible, always pre-book you taxi by phone from one of the bigger companies. Most taxi companies have dispatchers who speak English.

If you have to hail a taxi on the street, try to get one from a recognised taxi firm and always ask to see the valid tariff before you start off.

Semmelweis University’s contracted carrier in Budapest is the 6×6 Taxi Company.
Tel.: (+36-1) 266-6666; (+36-1) 466-6666; (+36-1) 666-6666
Mobile: (+36-20) 466-6666; (+36-30) 266-6666; (+36-70) 266-6666