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After a major restructuring, with the merger of the former Career Center, Alumni Office and the Graduate Career-Tracking System (DPR),  Semmelweis University’s Alumni Directorate was established in 2015. We made fundamental strategic changes in the Directorate’s plans based on students’ and alumni’s needs to provide a wide spectrum of self-developing services and events regarding career and life management.

The new Semmelweis Alumni systems consist of two major parts:

  1. the first is the knowledge-, skill- and profession-related services,

  2. and the second is cultural, community and networking events and opportunities.

Regarding the skill- and profession-related services we created our structure on three levels.

(1) The most personalised services of ours is career and life management counselling, provided by former students of the university. We have counsellors from all faculties, which means that every Semmelweis student can receive specific and professionally well-oriented advice within their field of studies in merit.

(2) The second level is our skill-development workshops and trainings. We consider these opportunities greatly important, as we offer them in key competencies, like stress and conflict management, assertive communication, thesis writing, CV writing, learning techniques, self-branding, presentation creating and editing, public speech, fast typing and furthermore. These are essential soft skills that every student should know and practice.

(3) Lastly, we organise large events and conferences for every Semmelweis student. One of our most successful programs is the Semmelweis Talks event series, which is a monthly organised, TED-like event in various life-management and self-development topics (e.g. procrastination, mindfulness, sleeping habits, diet, time management and so on). We also organise a yearly Career Day, where healthcare employers from both the public and private sectors around the country are invited to.

Besides self-development, we also emphasize building the Semmelweis community via our cultural, community and networking events. We organise wine tasting nights and charity events with professional performers from the Hungarian cultural life. Students, as well as alumni members, can reach theatre and other cultural program tickets with a special discount provided by the Directorate. Helping alumni networking is one of our main and most important goals, thus we organise one of the major student community events of our university, the Graduate Ball for graduating students; and plan to hold the first International Semmelweis Alumni Meeting in the university’s history in 2018. We also help senior alumni to keep in touch by providing space and organisational assistance for anniversary meetings.

We believe that a strong alumni community can only be created by giving from our side as many help and knowledge first to the present and former students as possible. We hope that with the help of our services, a strong mutual connection can be established with every Semmelweis Citizen within Hungary and around the world.

Please contact us via our Facebook page!

With kind regards,

the Semmelweis Alumni team