Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 20 June 2021
310685 Total vaccines

Congratulations to all students who successfully passed the entrance examination. You may have several questions in connection with enrolment, official documents, housing, student life. Here we try to answer as many of these questions as possible.



The enrolment of international students is organised by the Directorate of International Studies on one day during the registration week. You will be notified of the date and time of enrolment and the official documents to be presented and handed in at registration.

The academic calendar contains the most important dates broken down by faculties, such as the date of registration, semesters, exam periods, ceremonies and other important events.

During the administration procedures, you will need the contact information of the Directorate of International Studies.

You can sign into the Neptun Portal with your unique ID and password provided by the University upon enrolment. The Neptun system is the basic tool of study related administration, here you can sign up for courses and exams and can monitor your credit points and internships.

Semmelweis University does not have a traditional campus, education and patient care are conducted in several buildings scattered all over Budapest. The contact information of all the University’s institutes, clinics and departments is available on the website and on the campus map.


Opening ceremony


Venue: Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building
(1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4.)

Date: 5th September (Saturday) 

Dear Students,

We warmly welcome you among the students of Semmelweis University! Please read and consider the following important information in order to provide a smooth running of the ceremony:

The Opening Ceremony of Semmelweis University will be held in the form of several separate events on the campus.

The opening ceremony will be a closed event, which means that only our first-year students can attend it. Family and friends will have the opportunity to follow the ceremony live on YouTube. Therefore, students are required to arrive at the venue alone, and we kindly ask family members not to wait in front of the building, thus complying with security measures.

In order for the ceremony to run smoothly, please note the followings:

  • The vows made at the opening of the school year are part of the curriculum, so it is mandatory for all first-year students to attend the ceremony
  • If you are still not able to attend, please contact the English or German Secretariat of the Directorate of International Studies
  • To register, first-year students will need their photo IDs

The following security regulations are mandatory for all participants:

  • entrance is only possible for students who have passed the triage and have a negative PCR test, so please bring the result of the study provided by the University
  • wearing a face mask is mandatory during the entire ceremony (a mask is provided at the registration desk)

For more information please contact the Directorate of International Studies:

Division of English Language Programmes:
Division of German Language Programmes:

We wish you much success in your studies!

Student organizations


The Students’ Union ensure that the interests of the University’s students are represented on all platforms. The elected members of the Students’ Union participate in the meetings of the Senate where they represent the students’ academic and social interests. Apart from the representation of students’ interests, the Students’ Union actively participate in the organization of events, such as the pool party, the ice carnival and the International Semmelweis Carnival.

In addition to the student events, you can find other university events, scientific programmes and invitations to sporting events in the University’s Event Calendar.

International Student Association of Semmelweis (ISSA) is the student organization for the international students of SemmelweisUniversity. They work to:

  • obtain a better communication between the administration and the international students
  • enable a better flow of information, and improve academic standards
  • develop the diverse student body of Semmelweis University and to create a meaningful, learning-centred campus life for students at the University,
  • work in active partnership with students, faculty, and staff to strengthen and support student opportunities for learning, involvement, leadership, and creative expression that complement their academic experiences,
  • support other student organizations and their leaders, who in turn provide programs and resources to the student body and the wider University community.

Since the introduction of the English Language Program 31 years ago, several thousand foreign students have studied and graduated at Semmelweis University. These students have come from almost every corner of the world, adding a unique international character to our university. Thanks to the university’s solid international reputation and to our ongoing strive to enhance the quality of education foreign nationals show a steady interest in studying at Semmelweis University. Semmelweis University has decided to set up the Semmelweis Alumni Association (SAA) to:

  • keep regular contact with former students, provide a database for former students to reach each other,
  • provide information about important events at Semmelweis University,
  • provide information on the possibility to participate in residency and specialty training,
  • organize alumni reunions in the future.

There are several other student organizations related to the university.

Student Visa


Foreign nationals (under visa obligation) wishing to pursue studies in Hungary are required to apply for an entry visa (exceeding 90 days) in their home countries and enter the country with the entry visa issued by the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate.

Students coming from EU & EEA countries do not need a student visa but have to apply for a registration certificate within 90 days after their arrival in Hungary.

For more information visit the Consul Services.



If you are a student coming from outside the EU & EEA region, you will need an official address in Hungary to obtain a Residence Permit. And just like everybody else, you would have to live somewhere during your studies.

Most of Semmelweis University’s campus buildings are located in the 8th and 9th districts of Budapest, therefore, it is convenient to look for an apartment in these districts or in the neighbouring ones. Prices range from about 230 Euro/room and about 400 Euros/studio in the central districts of Budapest.

Renting your apartment is your responsibility and rental prices vary according to personal needs. There are several websites offering rental services in English:

Getting around in Budapest


Budapest is a sprawling metropolis with an extended network of public transportation that enables the easy access of all parts of the capital. BKK, the mobility manager of the city, has put together a practical guide that contains all relevant information for tourists and visitors.

Through the booklet, you can familiarise with the different means of transport, with daytime and night transport network maps and also with tips on how to read timetables in the Hungarian capital. It also provides a list of ticket and pass sales points, barrier-free accessibility to public transport and some rules to keep in mind. Technological solutions have also been introduced to help make journey planning fast and easy.

Culture and sports


The university has a number of libraries that offer not only a wide selection of books but provide students with reading and computer rooms as well. The Central Library of Semmelweis University is one of the largest and most up-to-date collection of medical tomes in Hungary. In addition to the Central Library, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Health and Public Administration, the Faculty of Dentistry, the András Pető Faculty some departments and institutes have their own libraries.

In addition to studying, the University offers a variety of leisure and recreational activities, as well as discounts.

Every year, the International Semmelweis Student Association (ISSA) organizes the first get-together for freshmen before the start of the academic year. It aims to introduce international freshmen to student life at Semmelweis University.

Student events are organised for freshmen and other students by student organisations throughout the year, including cultural, scientific, and sporting events.

The university has partnered with a number of theatres, museums and sporting facilities, which enable students and staff of Semmelweis University to use their services or by tickets and passes at a discounted price.