Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 18 August 2022
536180 Total vaccines

Address H-1088 Budapest, Vas u. 17.

Mailing address: H-1085 Budapest, Üllői út 26.

Phone: 48-65910, Fax: 48-65913


Website: Faculty of Health Sciences

Head of Dean’s Office: Ms. Marianna Kakuk

The Dean’s Office helps and coordinates the educational tasks of the Faculty, keeps in touch with students and fulfils the following tasks:

  • fulfils the administrative tasks related to the work of the Faculty Council, Faculty’s leaders and deputies,

  • participates in the preparation of decisions affecting the Faculty and sets developmental plans, concepts,

  • prepares the regulations of the Faculty and organizes their implementation,

  • fulfils tasks concerning the organization and administration of the training programmes of the Faculty,

  • helps the administrative tasks of the students’ government,

  • prepares and organizes Faculty events,

  • provides information for students and teachers,

  • helps managing the students’ study and social affairs,

  • coordinates the international relations of the Faculty, makes travel arrangements for the dean and vice-deans,

  • organises and administrates the obligatory postgraduate specialist trainings of the Hungarian health care workers,

  • keeps records of Alumni students, ensures career nurturing for students,

  • finds and spreads calls for applications opened for lecturers and students,

  • prepares promotional publications and orders Faculty-related materials and gifts for representation,

  • coordinates the organisation of the practical trainings,

  • coordinates the publication of books and university notes,

  • ensures the operation of the Faculty’s IT system and technology systems used for education.