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YEAR 2019.
(Programs in chronological order)


1. Basic Excel Skills training for students of Medicine

Basic Excel skills are going to be essential during your studies, especially at the practices where you will do individual measurements week by week. The Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology organizes an Excel course before starting the academic year to provide you with these necessary skills.

Lectures will be held in the student laboratories of the Department of Biophysics and Radiation Biology (Tűzoltó utca 37-47., first floor, corridor B) on 2 September (Monday) and 3 September (Tuesday) in the afternoons and evenings for five or six groups of students. 

Students are encouraged to use their own tablets or laptops at the course. It is particularly advisable for those who are not yet used to the key allocation of Hungarian keyboards.

Participation is highly recommended!


2. Enrollment (student registration)

Date and place: from 9 a.m. on September 4 (Wednesday), at the Basic Medical Science Center (EOK), Tűzoltó utca 37-47., 1094 Budapest.

Participation is obligatory!

Documents to be presented at registration:

  • passport/identity card

  • original Matriculation / School Leaving Certificate and a copy of it or the validated English translation if applicable.

Documents to be handed in at registration:

  • A copy of Matriculation / School Leaving Certificate or of its English translation

  • Personal Details Form filled and signed (you are going to receive it on site)

  • Declaration signed (you are going to receive it on site)

  • Text of the Freshmen’s Oath signed (you are going to receive it on site)

Enrolling students are welcome in five turns according to the following schedule:

  1. 9.00: students with last names beginning with letters from A to F

  2. 10.00: students last names beginning with letters from G to K

  3. 11.00: students last names beginning with letters from L to O

  4. 12.00: students last names beginning with letters from P to R

  5. 13.00: students last names beginning with letters from S to V

  6. 14.00: students last names beginning with letters from W to Z

We try to minimize waiting time and queuing, and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience delays may cause. Thank you for your patience.


3. A compulsory lecture on using the education system NEPTUN.Net

NEPTUN is used for performing administrative tasks related to education.

The lecture includes signing up for your subject courses, and it will take place on September 5 (Thursday) at the IT labs of the University (in the NET building, Nagyvárad tér 4., 1089 Budapest, Hungary and at Hőgyes Endre utca 7-9., 1092 Budapest, Hungary).

Participation is obligatory!

Groups of our new students have to attend the course according the following timetables. You will learn your group number at the enrollment on September 4 (Wednesday).

NET building, Nagyvárad tér 4., Budapest (click for a map)

Informatics Lab NET 1:


Medicine Group 1


Medicine Group 2


Medicine Group 3


Medicine Group 4


Medicine Group 5


Medicine Group 6


Medicine Group 7


Medicine Group 8

Informatics Lab NET 2:


Medicine Group 9  


Medicine Group 10


Medicine Group 11


Medicine Group 12


Medicine Group 13


Medicine Group 14


Medicine Group 15


Medicine Group 16

Informatics Lab NET 3:


Medicine Group 17


Medicine Group 18


Medicine Group 19


Pharmacy Group 1


Pharmacy Group 2


Pharmacy Group 3


Pharmacy Group 4


Hőgyes Endre utca 7-9., Budapest (click for a map)

Informatics Lab:


Dentistry Group 1


Dentistry Group 2


Dentistry Group 3


Dentistry Group 4


Dentistry Group 5


4. Opening Ceremony and the Freshmen’s Oath

Participation is obligatory!

The Opening Ceremony and the Freshmen’s Oath will take place at 10.00 a.m. on September 6 (Friday) at Müpa Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1., 1095 Budapest. New students are obliged to participate.

Invitation cards will be distributed at the enrollment.

Please try to arrive to the venue at least 45 minutes before the advertised starting time in order to find your place in time.

The ceremony will be finished at about 12.00 noon.


5. Summer University Programs

The Summer University Programs will be held by EOK (Basic Medical Sicence Center) from 08.00 a.m. on September 7 (Saturday) the programs will be in English and you are welcome to join.


6. Grill Party – by DSVS

The Grill Party will be held by DSVS (Deutschsprachige Studentenvertretung Semmelweis) the German Semmelweis Student Assotiation at the Basic Medical Science Center (EOK), Tűzoltó utca 37-47., Budapest from 12.00 to 4.00 p.m. on September 7 (Saturday).

Participation is recommended!


7. Freshmen’s Day – by ISSA

The event will be held by ISSA (International Semmelweis Student Association) at the Basic Medical Science Center (EOK), Tűzoltó utca 37-47., Budapest from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on September 8 (Sunday).

10.00: Book Sale and Associations meet up
12.00: ISSA team welcome speech
12:30: Food and mingling

Participation is recommended!


8. Compulsory briefing lecture on safety at work and fire hazard

The e-learning online course is completed by an online test. This course is available through the main e-learning system of Semmelweis University (SeKa). The test is available from September 9 and it must be passed before the deadline of October 11.
Please keep in mind that all questions of the test need to be answered correctly for passing. Failed tests can be attempted again.

Participation is obligatory!

You can register here:

The course is available here:

In case of any technical problem, please contact SeKa Help Desk directly (

Please note that students will not be allowed to attend classes without having completed the course and passed the test!




Our enrolling students of all the three faculties need to get their aptitude test certified in a Health Record Booklet. To expedite the process, we encourage everyone to undertake the following medical examinations in advance, bring the test results with them, and present the documents at the Occupational Health Service (see below).

  • Complete blood + urine test

  • Hepatitis B antibody titer

  • Chest X-Ray

Please download the relevant documents and fill them out:

Medical Check up:

The aptitude test is completed when the Health Record Booklet is filled out by the Occupational Health Service. (Availability on weekdays between 8.30 and 12.15 at Budapest, Üllői út 22., 1st floor.)

The latest deadline for completing the Health Record Booklet is the last day of the training term before the examination period. (Please note that students will not be allowed to register for any exam until their Health Record Booklet is completed.)



The list may change! Please refer to the information provided by individual teaching departments.


A basic health insurance for Hungary is a prerequisite for registration at the University.

A special insurance is provided for our students, and its fee is included in the tuition fee. The service includes an English speaking call center, GP-service and treatment at the Polyclinics and Clinics of Semmelweis University. As long as you pay your tuition fee each semester and you are a registered active student, this insurance is automatically renewed until the end of your studies. The Hungarian health insurance provided by the University is only valid from the date of enrolling at the University.

The health insurance is automatically suspended, if the student registers for a passive semester.


Exemption from courses and examinations may be granted on the basis of the student’s previously documented studies or additional credit-by-examinations stipulated by the departments. The student must submit all relevant documents at the departments concerned. Exemption may be granted by the Educational Committee Board of each Faculty on the basis of the department’s written prior approval.

Please find the necessary exemption forms of the different faculties under the next home-pages:

Application deadline: the last day of the registration week.

Please note that successful completion of a checking exam can be prescribed as a further condition of getting an exemption. The departments can request you to prove your knowledge in the subject concerned!

No reduction of tuition fee is granted in case of exemptions.

STUDENT CARD (“Diákigazolvány”)

In its possession you are entitled to

  • buy students’ monthly tickets for the public transport (metro, bus, tram, trolley, HÉV). Ask for a DIÁK BÉRLET,

  • buy railways or long-distance bus tickets at a reduced price,

  • access a number of services and discounts (e.g. library services, sport facilities, various travel, cultural and commercial discounts, etc.).

Click here for details on how you receive the permanent Student Card.

A temporary Student Card (an A4-format certificate valid for two months) will be given by the Directorate of International Studies, Division of English Language Programs earliest in mid-September. You can use the temporary card until the issuing of a permanent one. Please bear in mind, that student discounts (e.g. at public transport) can be only claimed in the possession of a temporary or permanent card, so you will need to use regular fare tickets in the first month. Thank you for your understanding.


Please keep in mind that the lessons will start on September 9 (Monday). Detailed schedule will be available after your registration to NEPTUN.