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Adopting an Ecological Health Model to Harmful Alcohol Use in Nigeria’s Niger Delta
Prince AGWU Contact / Kontakt / Kapcsolat, Uzoma OKOYE, Samuel EBIMGBO, Uju AGBAWODIKEIZU & Igwe IJEOMA
EJMH Vol 13 Issue 2 (2018) 211-222;
Received: 25 August 2017; accepted: 1 July 2018; online date: 13 December 2018
Section: Best Practice
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Substance abuse has ravaged potentials and keeps clamping down on the stability of societies. It is increasingly becoming a social problem that demands sustainable remedies, particularly in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. This paper establishes a case for the utilisation of an ecological health model in dealing with harmful alcohol use in the region. What motivates the adoption of such a model is the fact that harmful alcohol use largely stems from nurture and can be remedied through same nurture. This paper adopted a case study research design using participant observation for data gathering, while using thematic analysis in organising and interpreting data.


Drug-free therapy, ecological health model, Niger Delta, harmful alcohol use

Corresponding author

Prince Agwu

Department of Social Work

University of Nigeria

410001 Nsukka



Prof. Uzoma OKOYE: Department of Social Work, University of Nigeria; Nigeria Samuel EBIMGBO: Department of Social Work, University of Nigeria; Nigeria Uju AGBAWODIKEIZU: Department of Social Work, University of Nigeria; Nigeria Dr. Ijeoma IGWE: Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Nigeria; Nigeria