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The movement aims to present first-year and second-year students with challenges that convey skills and knowledge pertaining to a more active and health-conscious lifestyle, even during the university years. In the long run, we would like these future health professionals to set a positive example with their lifestyle and health maintenance to patients, colleagues and family members in their environment. We devised the challenges with the intention of providing participants with common experiences and a sense of togetherness, while also giving them leeway to complete the tasks in flexible, creative ways. Aside from the group activities we also provide first-year students with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive health status assessment, involving a professional body composition analysis. Beside the freshmen, we also recommend our movement to every adventurous student and staff member.

Do you feel comfortable in your skin?

Whichever course you started, consider yourself lucky. You have chosen a profession that will be increasingly sought-after in the coming decades, so prepare for a race against time. Even now, at the beginning it is pivotal to set your priorities that will serve as a guideline in time management. First and foremost, you must set the minimum conditions for preserving your health.

The Move Semmelweis! movement helps you with the following:

Video: Botond Cséka

Location: Semmelweis University Basic Medical Science Center (EOK)


Pay attention to the balance and quality of exercise, nutrition, sleep, studying, and free time activities. Feel comfortable in your own skin, continue to be healthy and become a credible professional. Exciting challenges await, so join us on the way!

Health consciousness and creativity

We concocted the monthly tasks in alignment with the different periods of the semester so that they can easily fit into your daily routine. We leave the presentation of the completed challenges up to you, be it a photo montage or video.

The pictures and videos shot during the program are stored by the Center and may be shared on its social media platforms. The conditions for the usage of these materials are available in our data privacy statement.

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