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COVID-19 provisions

Registry number: 109102/ELIG/2020

Dear Students,

We would like to draw the attention of our students to the adherence to the epidemiological measures summarized below.

  1. General Provision

According to the rector’s order, epidemiological measures must be met on the University premises so that if more than two people are present in a room and public spaces, wearing a face mask is mandatory, the protective 1,5 – 2 m distance and the rules of hand disinfectation must be maintained!

  1. Necessity of Screenings

2.1. All students of the University who arrived in Hungary within 14 days prior to their participation in education are obliged to participate in COVID PCR screening. According to legal regulations, 2 negative COVID PCR test results, taken at least 48 hours apart, are required for students coming from abroad. (As the first SARS-CoV-2 PCR test, a test carried out in a Schengen country, the United States of America or Canada must also be taken into account and confirmed by the relevant document in Hungarian or English.)

2.2. The screening does not need to be repeated as long as the student is exclusively in Hungary; has not come into close contact with a person who arrived from abroad within 14 days; has not been in close contact with a person who may be potentially infectious; or do not notice any suspicious symptoms.

2.2.1. When detecting symptoms, it is necessary to use the procedure of the National Public Health Center as a direction, i.e.

Stay home, don’t socialize! Do not go to the GP surgery in person, but call your GP by phone! Your GP will talk to you you on the phone.

  • If coronavirus infection is suspected and
  1. a) your symptoms are mild and you do not belong to the risk group for the disease, so you do not require hospital treatment, you will be at a home quarantine. The GP will notify the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) for respiratory sampling. The GP will inform you of the result. If after talking to your GP, the OMSZ does not visit you within 3 working days, you have the opportunity to request a sample from Semmelweis University.
  2. b) your symptoms are severe (e.g. shortness of breath, chest pain) see a doctor or call an ambulance (112)

a.a) In the case of international students, the above is modified to the extent that a sampling date may be requested for mild symptoms as follows:

You may be infectious 2 days before the onset of symptoms or before positive sampling, so be sure to stay home. The virus can be detected with high confidence 4-5 days after infection, so make an appointment when possible. If you receive a later date, please be patient until thesampling date, stay at home, leave your home only for the duration of the sampling, and still keep the precautions (mouth mask, hand disinfection, protective distance)

b.b) in case of severe symptoms, the procedure is the same as above

2.2.2. If you have been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed coronavirus patient, it is necessary to use the procedures of the National Public Health Center as a direction, i.e.

Epidemiological observation should be performed for the prompt detection of any signs of disease-specific fever and respiratory symptoms. The public health department of the district / county hall during the epidemiological investigation will look for persons who have been in contact with the suspected / confirmed COVID patient. For 10 days, as a precaution it places under epidemiological observation those who have been in close contact 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms or during the symptoms of the COVID case. Close contacts will be monitored for epidemiology in their homes, if possible. Close family contacts of a patient with mild symptoms isolated in their home can be separated within the same property if the conditions are met.

  • Epidemiological observation cannot be resolved by 2 negative PCR tests either, i.e. a 10-day mandatory quarantine is required. At the end of the epidemiological observation, it is not necessary to perform a PCR test on the person subject to the measure, except before a practice involving patient care!
  • If involved in patient care, the PCR test should be performed at the start of the epidemiological observation and from day 10 after contact.

If the public health department of the district / county hall does not pay you a visit during the epidemiological investigation, please follow the rules responsibly. The exeption is if you are involved in patient care, the PCR test must be performed within 1-3 days after becoming aware of close contact, and then from day 10 after contact.

– If you have come into contact with a person who has been in contact with a person infected with coronavirus, the case is considered as a secondary contact, sampling and quarantine are not justified.

2.3. A different provision may be made by the educational organizational departments / internship location only with the permission of the dean, of which both the students and the Clinical Center must be informed in advance.

  1. Applying for an examination

3.1. The COVID PCR test is provided free of charge to our students.

You can apply for the available locations and dates via the registration e-mail received from the e-mail address .

3.2. On the application interface, it is possible to cancel the booked time, or to modify it, in order to ensure the smoothness of the screenings, we request students to strictly adhere. Please consider other students and do not book at more than one place at a time! If you are unable to show up for the booked time, cancel as soon as possible so that your fellow student can apply for the vacated time. Be mindful of each other!

  1. Communication of results

4.1. It is possible to automatically send the report to the e-mail address provided if you consent to this at patient’s admission. In this case, please check your name, email address and date of birth during patient registration.

– If the e-mail address is not requested during the data recording, it is necessary to indicate the need for automatic retrieval.

– The final document will be sent in a pdf format, encrypted, where the password is the date of birth in eehhnn format e.g. if the date of birth is 15.03.1977 the password will be 770315 .

4.2. If the result does not arrive after 5 days after the sampling, the student can report the problem to the e-mail address .

Please include in the body of the email:

„Full name_Date of birth ( _Mother’s name_Phone number_Sampling location and date.”

4.3. A student with a TAJ (National Security) number can still access the results of the examination on the Patient Portal of the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) or through his family GP, approx. within 72 hours after the sampling. Prior use of customer portal registration is required to use EESZT.

  1. What to do in case of a positive test?

5.1. If someone’s PCR test is positive, the first and foremost thing to do is to stay at home, not to leave it, and to isolate. The patient is reported by the SE Hospital Hygiene Department to the NNK’s so called OSZIR-Infectious patient report system.

5.1.1. Based on these, the epidemiology department of the government office responsible for the place of residence can locate the patient and take action, issuing a “quarantine order”. He tries to trace the contacts and, after recovery, also sends the “release order” by email or post. The official home quarantine is lifted automatically if the end date is also indicated in the decision. The release of the quarantine by the authority is only required if the closing date has NOT been set. In this case, you must contact the territorially competent authority by e-mail or telephone. (

If you need a release order, you must contact the Public Health Department of the District Hall of the address / place of residence far a Budapest address; the Public Health Department of the territorially competent County Hall for a rural address. (

5.1.2. Increasingly, due to the workload of the public health departments, no “quarantine order” (and no subsequent release order) is issued, in which case please adhere to home isolation, which is 10 days. If you are in patient care (whether you have been visited by a government agency or not), the condition for returning to patient care is a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test for two oro / nasopharyngeal puncture samples taken at least 48 hours apart (first sampling should not be earlier than the 5th day after a positive test result or after the onset of clinical symptoms). If you do not participate in patient care, you are not required to have a PCR test 10 days after a positive test result or the onset of clinical symptoms, you can return to education.

5.2. A person who has been confirmed to have had COVID infection is exempt from PCR tests for 6 months.

5.3. It is important to provide accurate data after the patient has been registered, because regardless of the nationality, the authority will contact you at the address and contact details provided during registration.

5.3. Please note that violations of quarantine can have serious consequences, both within and outside the University, so please pay attention to compliance, otherwise the authority may impose a fine of up to HUF 500,000 and the University may initiate disciplinary proceedings. Please note the guidelines on the university website, which you can join voluntarily:

Járványügyi etikai iránymutatás

5.4. The SE Hospital Hygiene Department notifies the Dean’s Office of the daily positive results, so it is not necessary to notify the Dean’s Office separately. Based on this, the institution can start detecting possible contacts, thus preventing the spread of the virus and speeding up official contact research. It is very important that information on close contacts is also provided to the epidemiologist who calls on the phone and to the Dean’s Office.

5.5. It is recommended that in the event of a positive PCR finding, the teacher or fellow students be notified of the result in order to be aware of the risk and to monitor for the appearance of COVID-19-specific symptoms, in which case, please stay at home!

  1. Options for replacement (catching up)

Due to the specificity of the courses at Semmelweis University, the possibilities for replacement are limited! Proven positive students can return to college and re-enter education after recovery. Absences should be minimized as you can become infected at any time so please be absent only in case of a possible infection or illness. If you are in the campus, follow the precautions strictly! Appear in a face mask that is worn properly, wash hands regularly, use a hand sanitizer, and keep a safe distance.

Only enter the campus in good health!

Let’s take care of each other!

29th September, 2020.