Human Rights and Peace

The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) of the IFMSA was formed in 1983 and unites students who strive to create an equal and peaceful world, and believe in international, intercultural as well as interpersonal solidarity. Our mission is to empower and motivate medical students to actively promote and protect human rights and peace, and to introduce the members to different forms of humanitarian action through capacity building, field project opportunities and cooperation with external organizations. We, in BMSA, try to find out the topics people can mainly meet in their everyday life in Hungary such as homelessness, stigmatization of mental health diseases, medical ethics, rights to sexual and reproductive health including rape. To execute our mission, we regularly organize workshops, talks and film clubs related to these topics.

Besides these, we collect clothes and non-perishable food for the Age of Hope Organisation.

You also have international opportunities in SCORP. The Local Committees all around the world organize training connected to all topics of IFMSA including Human Rights and Peace. As a member of the BMSA, herewith IFMSA, you can join these training and get acquainted with the issues of those countries. And last but not least, through these occasions, you have the opportunity to meet amazing people from all around the world who have the same mission as you have.

If you want to join us you can find the open group on Facebook: SCORP Budapest