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Major topics of Biochemistry I

  • protein structure; enzymology; bioenergetics; carbohydrate-, lipid-, and amino acid metabolisms

Requirements for registration and signature for completion:

  • Students can register to Biochemistry I if they possess successful examinations from all the prerequisite subjects. Students transferring from any other University may register, too, if their previous education history qualifies them to do that; the decision is the exclusive right of the Lecturer of Biochemistry. The possibility of acceptance of a previous completion and/or a mark of any Biochemistry courses taken at another University will also be examined by the Lecturer and will be decided on the basis of the student’s official credentials (only original and authorized paperwork will be accepted) and the similarities between curricula in question.
  • ERASMUS students may also register if they have completed the prerequisite subjects of Semmelweis University in their home institutions.
  • Both midterms must be passed with at least 13 points.

Semifinal exam:

  • There is a written semifinal exam with questions as follows: assays, formulae, test and sentence completion.


  • 0-24 fail
  • 25-31 satisfactory
  • 32-37 fair
  • 38-43 good
  • 44-50 excellent
  • Results will be published in the Neptun system on the same or the following day. Modifying exam date is free in Neptun, but only two days before the exam. In case a student does not come to the exam, but brings a justification for the absence in 3 days, we withdraw the name from the official exam list; otherwise the „absent from the exam” note will get into the index book. Retake of a failed exam or reparation of a passed exam is possible only after 3 days. There is an extension week of the examination period which is exclusively for retakes of failed exams (as for any other subjects at the University).

Recommended materials to study:

  • In the midterms and the exams we ask only the lecture material back. Please, use the lecture slides, which are available from our website, together with your lecture notes. The official text book of the course is Berg-Tymoczko-Stryer: Biochemistry, 6th edition. Almost all lectures use this textbook throughout the year; most of the figures in the lecture slides are also from this book. If a student is interested in Biochemistry in more details than it is asked at the exams, he or she is advised to also buy and use the supporting materials (including the website) of this textbook.