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Midterm exams

There are two obligatory midterms on the 5th and the 12th weeks, which are not held in the times of the lectures, but on Friday 9.20-10.20 in Biochemistry practice room#2. The midterms cover lecture material until the previous weeks. In each midterm 25 points can be collected by solving 25 multiple choice questions. 44-50 points from the two midterms together entitles the student to get the mark of 5 (excellent) as the semifinal exam grade. For 38-43 points we offer the mark of 4 (good) as the semifinal exam grade, although, these students have a choice to still take the written semifinal exam to improve to the excellent grade. However, such students have to accept the mark they get at the semifinal exam, even if it is worse than the good mark (including fail). In case of absence or failure (<13 points/midterm) either or both midterms may be retaken two times (each): on the 6th week the 1st Midterm, on the 13th week the 2nd and on the 14th week both midterms can be repeated on Friday 9.20-10.20 a.m.