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Laboratory lessons & seminars

Laboratory lessons and seminars are held at laboratory rooms of the Deparment (EOK-Building, Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47. H-1094, 1st floor, passage ‘C’)
Computer skills “Enzyme kinetics” + seminar: gene therapy (Week 3 or week 3 and 4)) are held at laboratories of informatics of Semmelweis University and in biochemistry laboratory rooms

Groups of dentistry students
Group Room# Day Time Laboratory/seminar teacher
ED1 #1 Thursday 10:45_13:15 Vér,  Ágota dr
ED2 #2 Thursday 10:45_13:15 Léránt, István dr
ED3 #3 Thursday 10:45_13:15 Keszler, Gergely dr
ED4 #4 Thursday 10:45_13:15 Bak, Judit  dr/  Nagy, Ádám dr
Groups of medicine students
EM01 #3 Friday 08:00_10:30 Chinopoulos, Christos dr
EM02 #2 Friday 08:00_10:30 Müllner, Nándor dr
EM03 #2 Thursday 13:30_16:00 Mészáros, Tamás dr
EM04 #2 Friday 10:45_13:15 Törőcsik, Beáta dr
EM05 #4 Friday 08:00_10:30 Tóth, Erzsébet dr
EM06 #4 Friday 10:45_13:15 Csala, Miklós dr
EM07 #4 Monday 10:45_13:15 Hrabák, András dr
EM08 #4 Monday 08:00_10:30 Kolev, Kraszimir dr
EM09 #3 Friday 10:45_13:15 Komorowicz, Erzsébet dr
EM10 #1 Friday 08:00_10:30 Bak, Judit dr / Komlódi, Tímea dr
EM11 #5 Thursday 10:45_13:15 Kolev, Kraszimir prof
EM12 #1 Wednesday 08:30_11:00 Bartha, Katalin dr
EM13 #4 Wednesday 08:30_11:00 Komáry, Zsófia dr
EM14 #2 Wednesday 08:30_11:00 Léránt István dr / Törőcsik Beáta dr
EM15 #3 Wednesday 08:30_11:00 Varjú, Imre dr

Scientific articles for seminars (- 2013/2014) – DOWNLOAD HERE (user name  –  password)

Scientific articles for seminars (2014/2015 – ) DOWNLOAD HERE (password)

Week Date  Laboratory lesson / seminar
1. 09.07_09.11
2. 09.14-09.17 Competitive inhibition of succinate dehydrogenase (laboratory lesson)
3. 09.21-09.25 Enzyme kinetics – computer simulation (date, time, location) (laboratory lesson) for groups: EM8,  EM7,  EM12, EM13, EM14, EM15,  ED2,  EM1, EM2, EM 3 EM5 EM4, EM9 and EM11

Gene therapy (seminar) for groups ED1, ED3, ED4, EM10 and EM6 (date, time, location)

4. 09.28-10.02 Enzyme kinetics – computer simulation (data, time, location)  for groups ED1, ED3, ED4, EM10 and EM6 (date, time, location)

Gene therapy (seminar) for groups: EM8,  EM7,  EM12, EM13, EM14, EM15,  ED2,  EM1, EM2, EM 3 EM5 EM4, EM9 and EM11 (date, time, location)

5. 10.05-10.09 Oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria (laboratory lesson)
6. 10.12-10-16 Lactic acidosis (seminar)
7. 10.19-10.21 Allosteric regulation of pyruvate kinase (laboratory lesson)
8. 10.26-10.30 Fructose intolerance & McArdle’s disease (seminar)
9. 11.02-11.06 Digestion of lipids, role of bile acids (laboratory lesson)
10. 11.09-11.13 Signaltransduction of insulin (consultation)
11. 11.16-11.20 Determination of serum cholesterol and triglyceride (laboratory lesson)
12. 11.23-11.27 Lipoprotein lipase, & carnitine deficiency (consultation)
13. 11.30-12.04 Purification of trypsin by affinity chromatography & Substrate specificity of trypsin and chymotrypsin. (laboratory lesson)
14. 12.07-12.11 Last week laboratory examination.
Hereditary hyperammonemias.& Vitamin B12 deficiency, methylmalonic acidemia (consultation)