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This page is under construction. Please, use the link only above (Biochemistry 2 – (Pharmacy) fall semester of 2017/2018 academic year)



LECTURES – fall semester of 2017/2018 academic year

Monday 1510-1715 in EOK (37-47Tűzoltó Str.) seminar room No. 1 (Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47, H-1094)

Lecturers: Attila Ambrus (AA) Pál  Bauer (PB), István Léránt  (IL),  Erzsébet Tóth (ET), László Tretter prof (LT)

Week Date Topic of lectures
01   Haemostasis I (IL)
02   Haemostasis II (IL)
03   Metabolism of xenobiotics and some endogenous molecules (ET)
04   Signal transduction (PB)
05   Neurochemistry (ET)
06   Metabolic integration (LT)
07   Metabolic integration (LT)
08   DNA, RNA, flow of genetic information (AA)
09   Genomics. Bioinformatics (AA)
10   DNA  replication and repair (AA)
11   RNA synthesis,  regulation of gene expression (AA)
12   Protein synthesis (AA)
13   Cell cycle. Cell death (PB)
14   Tumors (LT)


Practice – fall semester of 2017/2018 academic year

  • Every other Friday 10:45 – 13:15 in EOK   biochemistry laboratory room #5 of the Deparment of Medical Biochemistry (EOK-Building, Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47. H-1094, 1st floor, passage ‘C’)
  • Instructor:  Erzsébet Tóth dr.
Week Date Topic of laboratory lesson
01 Sep 09 Safety rules for work in the laboratory Experimental model of blood coagulation
03 Sep 23 Competitive inhibition of succinate dehydrogenase
05 Oct 07 Oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria 
08 Oct 21 Pyruvate kinase isoenzymes, midterm exam I
09 Nov 04 Protein LDS PAGE
11 Nov 18 Determination of serum cholesterol and triglyceride 
12 Nov 25 Midterm II
13 Dec 02 Purification of trypsin by affinity & Substrate specificity of trypsin and chymotrypsin. after the practice: retake of the 2nd midterm
14 Dec 09 Retake of both midterm exams

Midterm exams

Midterm exams – fall semester of 2016/2017 academic year

  • The first obligatory midterm exam: on week 7 during the practice before / after experiments. 
    • Material: 4 questions about the lectures form weeks 1-5. and one practice question.
    • The practice instuctor gives and corrects the assay and open questions.
    • Retakes are on weeks 9 and 14.
  • The second obligatory midterm: on week 12 in extra time. Retake on Friday. Type of questions: multiple choices.
    • Material: lectures from weeks 6-12, plus one assay question about the practice.
    • Retakes: are on weeks 13 and 14.

Passing both midterms is a requirement for the signature of the semester. The grade 4 or 5 form either or both of the miterms entitles the students for partial exeption of their final exams (see below)

Evaluation of the midterms 5 points can be given for each question in midterm I. In midterm II 25 points can be collected for the 25 multiple choice questions plus 5 points can be gained for the practice question.

0-9 1 (fail)  
10-13 2 (satisfactory)  
14-17 3 (fair)  
18-21 4 (good)  
22-25 or 30 (in Midterm II) 5 (excellent)   

Final exam

Final examination – fall semester of 2016/2017 academic year

This is a written exam from the materials of the two semesters.

  • Blocks 1&2. 2 blocks from the material of the first semester (multiple choice and open questions) 2 × 10 points 
  • Blocks 3&4. 2 blocks from the material of the second semester (multiple choice and open questions) 2 × 10 points
  • Block 5. a question about the theory of one lab practice – 5 points
  • Block 6. The last part will ask for reactions with formulas and the materials of the last three lectures – 5 points 
  • 50 points can be collected in total.
  • Students need to collect a minimum of 40% in each block (Blocks 1-6) to pass this exam.
  • Those students who received the mark 4 for either (or both) of their Midterm I or (and) II will get 8 (or 16) points for Block 3 or (and) 4, respectively; these students still have a choice to complete the respective exam questions to improve their grades, however, in that case these points will be counted for the exam (even if they are less than 8 (or 16)).
  • The same policy applies to the Midterm grades of 5 with 10 (or 20) points. This offer is valid only in the respective examination period and cannot be carried over (e.g. in case of a repetition of the semester or a CV exam).
  • Students cannot carry over any exemption from Semester I (everybody needs to answer the Biochemistry I questions).


0-19 (or < 40 % from any of the blocks, block 1-6) 1 (fail)
20-27 (and ≥ 40 % from every single block) 2 (satisfactory)
28-35   3 (fair)
36-43   4 (good)
44-50   5 (excellent)

The exam results will be published in the Neptun system on the same or the following day of the exam. Modifying exam dates is free in Neptun, but only up until two days before the exam. In case a student cannot come to the exam, but brings a justification for his/her absence in 3 days, we withdraw the name from the official exam list; otherwise the „absent from the exam” note will be written into the index book. Retake of a failed exam or reparation of a passed exam is possible only 3 days after the previous exam.

Requirements for the acknowledgement of semester

Requirements for the acknowledgement of semester – 

Absence note is not required, but a maximum of two absences are permitted from practices due to any reason.

Knowledge testing during the semester: two obligatory written midterm examinations

Requirements of the signature at the end of the semester: successfully completed midterms, meeting attendance requirements


Performance control in the examination period: written final exam

There is a written semifinal exam with questions as follows: assays, formulae, multiple choice and sentence completion.






Biochemistry 2

BIOCHEMISTRY 2 – fall semester of 2016/2017 academic year

  • Name of the subject: Biochemistry II
  • Neptun-code: GYOBIBIKE2A and GYOBIBIKG2A
  • Credit points: 3
  • Name of the lecturer: Attila Ambrus PhD, assistant professor
  • Teaching secretary: Erzsébet Tóth Pharm D., associate lecturer
  • Administrator: Zsolt Ozsváth in EOK room 1.508, tel: +36-1-459-1500 ext. 60061, +36-20-666-0061