Today, we have plenty of data in medicine and the challenge lies not any more in obtaining the data but in interpreting the data. Figuring the result of genomics, transcriptomics and other omics technologies present a serious obstacle in understanding the molecular mechanism behind definite diseases. Luckily, bioinformatics is at hand to assist in solving these problems.

Bioinformatics comprises of the computer-assisted evaluation of clinical and biological data. We will discuss in detail three areas of bioinformatics. The first contain databases dealing with clinical and biological data. These also include biobanks and data repositories for storing and accessing information. The second area contains the data processing, modelling, visualization and interpretation. The third pillar is the interpretation of the data within the clinical context of a selected disease.

We will give lectures on the most important chapters of medical bioinformatics including databases, decision-support tools, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, medical informatics and artificial intelligence.

Successful completion of the subject results in the acquisition of the following competencies:

Students will be able to understand the theoretical basics and to utilize the most important bioinformatical tools. They will know the advantages and limitations of each method. The students will have a hand-on experience of these tools enabling successful application in research projects and in clinical diagnostics.


Course details and requirements


Academic year: 2020/2021 II. semester

Name of the course leader: Prof. Dr. Balázs Győrffy

Credit value: 2

Total number of hours: 28 hours

lecture: 14 hours,
practical course: 14 hours,
seminar: 0

Subject type: elective course    

Place where the subject is taught

lecture: EOK Beznák room

practical course: EOK Beznák room

Course prerequisites: Completed first two semesters.

Number of students required for the course:

minimum: 20

maximum: 60

How to apply for the course: Neptun registration

Printed, electronic and online notes, textbooks, guides and literature (URL address for online material) to aid the acquisition of the material:

The lectures contain all necessary information, a hard copy of the slides will be provided at each lecture.