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The Judy Cancer Foundation

Founded: By János Kemény in the memory of his daughter, Judy, in 2001
Category: Common Benefit Foundation
Location: 3rd Dept. of Internal Medicine, 4 Kútvölgyi Road, Budapest 1125
Charitable registration number: 18243857-1-43
Bank and account number: MKB Bank 10300002-20125954-00003285
IBAN and SWIFT code:
Chair and Board of Trustees:
Prof. Dr. Béla Fekete (Chair), Prof. Dr. István Karádi, Prof. Dr. György Füst, Dr. Zoltán Prohászka, Dr. András Moldován, Dr. Ibolya Anett Czegle, Dr. Gergely Szombath
The Goals of the Judy Cancer Foundation (which are realized in large part at the 3rd Dept. of Internal Medicine) are:
• To provide financial support for cancer research and the publication of the associated results with a focus on lung cancer
• To foster the awareness of novel cancer related research, prevention or treatment (via lectures, hand outs and/or publications)
In line with these goals the Judy Cancer Foundation supports the following Oncology related work at the 3rd Dept. of Internal Medicine:
1.) Our Hematology Unit is one of the leading hematology centers in Hungary, where we treat 600-650 patients and approximatley 5000-5200 outpatients annually;
2.) Since 2001, the unit for non-hematological maligancies is constantly growing. In the last year approximately 3200 outpatient visits, 1500 hospital day cases and 3200 inpatient cases have been recorded. Currently this unit works together with hematology in the same ward called the Hematology-Oncology Unit;
3.) In other in/outpatient units of the clinic, care for cancer patients is also performed as part of general patient care. This consists of treatment of cancer patients with newly discovered or known co-morbidities during active oncological treatment or those tumor patients with end-stage disease;
4.) Access to diagnostic services (such as X-ray, EKG, ultrasound, radionuclear medicine, blood biochemistry, research laboratories) as it relates to patient care;
5.) The onging education (conferences, course expenses, etc) of medical staff (doctors, technicians, nurses) with the primary aim of continuously improving the work conditions related to patient care;
6.) Several graduate and postgraduate oncology related research projects performed at the Clinic
7.) Daily clinic operations (IV line management equipment, hospital beds, furnishing, disposables, building renovations, maintenance, computer equipment and so on
The Judy Cancer Foundation primarily provides financial support for the acitivites listed above. Since many financial resources available to the University are constrained, the Foundation represents support across a wide spectrum of the areas outlined.