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Academic Year 2021-2022

Faculty of Dentistry Internal Medicine Practicals 2021-2022

Faculty of Dentistry Internal Medicine Lectures 2021-2022


Faculty of Dentistry_Internal Medicine Final Exam Topic List 2021_2022

Tutor: László Jakab, MD



Academic Year 2020-2021

Internal Medicine II Lectures 2020-2021

Internal Medicine II Schedule of Practices 2020-2021

Internal Medicine Final Exam Topic List 2020-2021


2019/2020 Academic Year 2nd Semester

Internal Medicine II Requirements Academic Year 2019-2020

Information on the upcoming internal medicine exams_ED

Lectures 2nd Semester 2019_2020

Exam questions_4th Year_Faculty of Dentistry

Heart valve diseases and infective endocarditis (dr. Pozsonyi)
Acute and chronic bronchitis_COPD_pneumonia (prof. Kalabay)
Allergy (Prof. Kalabay)
Ischemic heart disease_AMI_cardiac arrhythmias (dr. Keltai)
SLE_RA_Sjögrens syndrome (dr. Jakab)
Preoperative preparation of dental patients (prof. Kalabay)


Internal Medicine Lectures – 4th year Dentistry_Academic Year 2018-2019_2nd Semester

Exam Questions

Disorders of the gastrointestinal System
Peptic ulcer disease
Gastrointestinal tract cancer
Liver disease
Cirrhosis of the liver
Disorders of the kidney
The general diagnostics of the liver_biliary tract and pancreatic diseases
The general diagnostics of liver disease
Inflammatory bowel disease
Malabsorption syndrome
Acute and chronic pyelonephritis_nephrolithiasis_acute and chronic renal failure