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Recomended topics for diplome works

Please contact to the assigned tutor of the interested topic for further information.



List of suggested topics for diplomework:


Anaesthesia of cardiac patients
tutor:    dr. Mária Janecskó

Day-case anaesthesia
tutor:    dr. Mária Janecskó

Hypothermia during anesthesia
Tutor: dr. Zsolt Iványi

Monitoring of anesthesia
Tutor: dr. Csaba Hermann


Pain relief:

Postoperative pain relief
tutor:    dr. Iványi Zsolt

Relief of acute pain
tutor:    dr. Mária Janecskó, dr. Zsolt Iványi

Relief of chronic pain
tutors:   dr. Mária Janecskó, dr. Zsolt Iványi



The monitoring during ventilation
tutor:    dr. András Lorx

New methods for haemodynamic monitoring
tutor:    dr. Csaba Hermann

Hemodynamic effects of ventilation and its monitoring
tutor:    dr. Zsolt Iványi

Tissue oxygenation and its monitoring
tutor:    dr. Zsolt Iványi



The cardiogenic shock
tutor:    dr. Csaba Hermann

Functional cardiac monitoring, risk assessment
tutor: László Zubek

Cerebral protection during / after CPR
tutor:    dr. Gábor Fritúz

Cardiopulmonary reanimation – advanced life support
tutor:    dr. Gábor Fritúz

Sepsis and MOF:

Multiple organ failure – the possibilities of prevention on critically ill patients
tutor:    dr. Zsolt Iványi

Multiple organ failure – new therapeutic possibilities
tutor:    dr. Zsolt Ivanyi


Respiratory failure:

Respiratory monitoring
tutor:     dr. András Lorx

The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
tutor:    dr. András Lorx

The role of noninvasive ventilation int he ICU
tutor:    dr. András Lorx

New methods in the ventilation
tutor:    dr. András Lorx



Haemofiltration, haemodialysis in the critical care
tutor:    dr. Csaba Hermann

HELLP syndrome
tutor:    dr. Balázs Hauser

Accidental hypothermia
tutor:    dr. Gábor Fritúz

Malignant neuroleptic syndrome
tutor:    dr. Balázs Hauser

Euthanasia / ethical considerations in he ICU
tutor: Gábor Élő

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation do or not to do?
tutor: Gábor Élő


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