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5 thematic practices will be held in different topics. Each practice lasts 90 minutes. (There are several different locations for the different practices, please check your schedules carefully to avoid any kind of misunderstanding). 2 absences are accepted (3 out of 5 thematic practices must be completed), but PBL-SBAR and PBL-Triage are mandatory. (Please check your schedule carefully for the exact location of your practice, maps of each location can be found further down on this site.)


6-hour Emergency rotation.  For the dates please check your schedule carefully. The emergency rotation’s aim is to introduce you to the structure, operative work and daily routine of an emergency unit. It provides insight to patient management from triage through stabilization till disposition. and decision-making mechanisms influencing patient management.

By all means, have your clean white coat and stethoscope with you.

Duration of the rotation: 6 hours (270 minutes)

The primary location of the practice is the Uzsoki Hospital’s Emergency Department (SBO -Sürgősségi Osztály).


Note, that fulfilling the 6-hour rotation is a compulsory part of the a minimum requirements, you are not allowed to take the end of semester exam without it. There is no exception concerning this requirement, before taking the written exam! 


  1.  PBL-SBAR (90min): Acquaintance and practice of SBAR-communication method in emergency situations. Communication with patient and relatives in critical situations, during end of life care procedure.
  1. PBL-Triage (90min): Patient classification (emergency factor, time window, micro- and macro allocation) prehospital and hospital. Situation based practice.
  1. PBL-PoCT(90min):  Acquaintance of the Point of Care Technologies (types of tools and techniques, indication and importance in emergency care). Blood gas analysis and the role of lactate. Situation based practice.
  1. PBL-Team(90min):  During simulation act as team member and team leader
    Presentation and practice during simulations of soft (non-technical) skills to make teamwork better. Team member non-technical skills presentation and practice during simulations.
  1. OMV (90min): The basic rules of treatment of a critical ill patient during simulation. Basic airway skills. Oxygen therapy workshop. IV access or alternative ways in critical ill patient. Basic monetarizing technics in treatment of emergency patient during simulation.
    This type of practice takes place only
    – at SimC – Simulation Center, Ernő utca 7., 9th district, Bp.


PBL Practices 2015:

Emergency Medicine – Oxyology: Schedule of Practices can be DOWNLOADED from here:
Practice schedule – 2015-16/2


How to get to Kútvölgyi (map) or How to get to Kútvölgyi (sat)
How to get to Honvédkórház (map)
or How to get to Honvédkórház (sat)
How to get to the OMSz (map)
How to get to Simulation Center (map)
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