Az egyetem munkatársai által beadott védőoltások száma - 2021. október 22.
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This class was designed for fifth year medical students to deliver a practical insight into emergency medicine. During the semester students will have the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge through lectures and to practice basic and advanced skills using manikin-based patient simulation methodology.


Information and requirements


Using it is one of the prerequisites of the semester at the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy.

Recommended textbooks


Information about practices held at EOK
Some groups will attend their PBL (problem based learning) practices (Emergency Medicine – Oxyology) at
EOK (Elméleti Orvostudományi Központ – Centre of Basic Medical Sciences). A notebook and a pen will suffice for the practice. Our practices can take place in more than one rooms of the EOK building, we therefore ask you to carefully check the schedule in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Information about the 6 hours Emergency Department practices
Students must present themselves at the Emergency Department at the time chosen at the start of the semester. Their attendance will be registered and confirmed towards our Department by the unit in which the 6-hour practice takes place. This confirmation is required for the end semester signature. For the 6-hour practice you are required to bring along your own white coat, stethoscope, pen and notebook. Further information will be sent to you through the Neptune- and the Moodle-system



LECTURES in Emergency Medicine – Oxyology (EMO)
PRACTICES in Emergency Medicine – Oxyology (EMO)


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