Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 07 March 2021
67447 Total vaccines
10872 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

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 1. Morphology of the trachea and the lung. Pleura. Divisions of the mediastinum. Morphology of the esophagus. (Prof. Wenger) 2020.02.03.
 2. Chambers of the heart, external features. Structure of heart wall, myocardium, valves, anuli fibrosi (Dr. Kocsis) 2020.02.03.
 3. Vessels, conducting system of the heart. Surface projection of the heart, pericardium. Auscultation points (Dr. Kocsis) 2020.02.10.
 4. Stomach and small intestines (duodenum, jejunum, ileum) (Prof. Szél) 2020.02.10.
5. Liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen. (Prof. Wenger) 2020.02.17.
6. Large intestine, rectum, porto-caval anastomoses (Prof. Szél) 2020.02.17.
7. Peritoneum, peritoneal recesses, peritoneal relations of abdominal organs. (Prof. Szél) 2020.02.24.
8. Morphology of the kidney, capsules of the kidney, ureter, urinary bladder (Dr. Katz) 2020.02.24.
9. Organs, vessels and nerves of the retroperitoneum (Dr. H-Minkó) 2020.03.02.
10. Morphology and coats of the testicle. (Dr. Nemeskéri) 2020.03.02.
11. Morphology of the epididymis, spermatic cord, seminal vesicle and prostate (Dr. Nemeskéri) 2020.03.11.
12. Morphology and histology of penis and male urethra. Male perineum (Prof. Kiss) 2020.03.09.
13. Ovary, Fallopian tube and uterus (Dr. Molnár)
14. Vagina, female perineum, external genital organs (Dr. Kocsis)
15. Blood supply and lymphatic drainage of the abdomen and lesser pelvis (Prof. Wenger)
16. Introduction to the study of the nervous system Meninges, hemispheres, CSF, lateral ventricles (Dr. Nemeskéri)
17. Diencephalon, 3rd ventricle. Brain stem, cerebellum, 4th ventricle (Dr. Katz)
18. Spinal cord, spinal segment. Spinal nerves (Dr. Csáki)
19. Intracranial topography (Dr. Csáki) (EM I. 1-6, 13, 14, 16)
20. Cranial nerve nuclei (Dr. Katz) (EM I. 1-6, 13, 14, 16)
21. Olfactory nerve (CN 1), optic nerve (CN 2). Orbit (Dr. Csáki)
22. Extraocular muscles and eye movements. Protective and lacrimal apparatus of the eye. (Prof. Szél)
23. Oculomotor nerve (CN 3), trochlear nerve (CN 4), abducent nerve (CN 6) (Prof. Kiss)
24. Trigeminal nerve (CN 5) (Prof. Kiss)
25. Facial nerve (CN 7) (Prof. Kiss)
26. Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN 9), vagus nerve (CN 10),accessory nerve (CN 11), hypoglossal nerve (CN 12) (Dr. Horváth)
27. Anatomy of the middle and internal ears (Dr. Katz)
28. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems (Dr. Horváth)


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