Number of vaccines administered at Semmelweis University - 26 February 2021
62831 Total vaccines
10503 Semmelweis Citizens vaccinated

2019-2020 year fall semester

Neptun code: AOKANT667_1A


No Title (lecturer) Date
1. Anatomy of the Living Human (Prof. Dr. Szél Ágoston) 2019.09.09.
2. General arthrology and myology. Joints , muscles and movements of the shoulder and the upper girdle (Dr. Herbert – Minkó Krisztina) 2019.09.16.
3. Muscles and actions of the elbow joint (Prof. Dr. L. Kiss Anna) 2019.09.23.
4. Joints, muscles and actions of the wrist and the hand (Dr. Dóra Dávid) 2019.09.30.
5. Bones, joints, construction of the pelvis. Muscles and actions of the hip joint (Dr. Nagy Nándor) 2019.10.07.
6. Muscles and actions of the knee joint. Muscles and joints of the foot.  Architecture of the foot (Prof. Dr. Wenger Tibor) 2019.10.14.
7. Muscles and joints of the foot. Architecture of the foot (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2019.10.21.
8. Ribs, components and movements of the thorax. Diaphragm. (Prof. Dr. Szél Ágoston) 2019.10.28.
9. Components of the abdominal wall. Rectus sheath. Subinguinal hiatus. Inguinal canal. Adductor and femoral canals. (Prof. Dr. Szél Ágoston) 2019.11.04.
10. Components, muscles, joints and ligaments of the vertebral column. Intervertebral, atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial joints (Dr. Kocsis Katalin) 2019.11.11.
11. Bony framework of the skull. Sphenoid and ethmoid. Temporal bone. Cavities and spaces of the viscerocranium. (Dr. Csáki Ágnes) 2019.11.18.
12. Temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication; muscles of facial expression. Muscles, fasciae and movements of the neck. (Dr. Nagy Nándor) 2019.11.25.
13. Composition and part of the oral cavity, palate, faucial isthmus and pharynx (Dr. Molnár Judith) 2019.12.02.
14. Nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, larynx (Dr. Nemeskéri Ágnes) 2019.12.09.


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