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Subject code: AOKANT461_2A 


No Title Date Download
 1. Lymphatic tissue and cellular elements. Thymus, tonsils, MALT.  2018/02/05 download 
 2. Lymph node, spleen (structure and circulation)    
 3. Muscles, triangles and fasciae of the neck  2018/02/06 08 download 
 4. Gastrointestinal tract. Oral cavity, morphology and histology of the tongue and salivary glands  2018/02/13 download
5. Morphology, histology and development of teeth.  2018/02/13 download 
6. Morphology and histology of soft palate, isthmus of fauces and pharynx    
7. Development of the branchial apparatus, congenital malformations 2018/02/12  download 
8. Morphology of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses  2018/02/20 download 
9. Larynx: cartilages, joints, muscles, connective tissue skeleton and mucous membrane.  2018/02/27 download
10. Development of the face, and palate, congenital malformations 2018/02/27  download 
11. Morphology of the trachea and the lung. Pleura 2018/02/26  download 
12. Histology of the respiratory tract. Development of the lungs. 2018/02/29  download 
13.  Chambers of the heart, external features. Structure of heart wall, myocardium, valves, anuli fibrosi 2018/03/06  download 
14.  Vessels, conducting system, surface projection of the heart, pericardium. Auscultation points. Divisions of the mediastinum.  2018/03/06 download
15.  Structure and development of the diaphragm  2018/03/09 download 
16.  Development of the heart (primitive heart tube, development of atria)    
17.  Development of the heart (development of ventricles, malformations). Fetal circulation  2018/03/13 download 
18.  Morphology and histology of the esophagus and the stomach.  2018/03/10 download
19.  Morphology and histology of the duodenum and the pancreas 2018/03/20  download 
20.  Morphology and histology of the jejunum and ileum 2018/03/20  download
21.  Morphology and histology of the large intestine and rectum.


22.  Morphology of the liver and biliary system.  Portal vein 2018/04/03  download 
23. Histology of the liver and biliary system    
24. Development of the mid- and hindgut. Development of the liver and the pancreas 2018/04/05  download 
25.  Peritoneum. Development of the serous membranes and the omental bursa. Separation of body cavities 2018/04/10  download 
26.  Morphology and topography of the kidneys. Capsules. Urinary passages, urinary bladder  2018/04/10 download 
27.  Histology of the urinary System 2018/04/12  download 
28.  Morphology and capsules of the testes. 2018/04/17  download 
29.  Histology of the testicle. Spermatogenesis    
30.  Morphology and histology of the epididymis, spermatic cord, seminal vesicle and prostate 2018/04/19  download 
31.  Development of the arteries; malformations.    
32.  Development of the veins. 2018/04/27  download 
33.  Morphology and histology of penis and male urethra.  2018/04/26  download 
34.  Structure of pelvic floor, male perineum    
35.-36. Morphology and histology of the ovary and the uterine tube, oogenesis – Morphology and histology of the uterus, divisions and content of the broad ligament 2018/05/04  download
37.  Morphology and histology of the vagina and the external genital organs, female perineum    
38.  Development and malformations of the urinary System 2018/05/08  download 
39.  Development and malformations of the genital system. Disorders of the sexual differentiation. 2018/05/08  download 
40.-41.  Clinical and radiologic anatomy of the internal organs    
42. Major lymphatic ducts. Lymphatic drainage of the head&neck, thoracic and abdominal regions 2018/05/15/17  download 


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