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2013-2014, tavasz (AOVHUM084_2A)


Developmental Biology: from gene to newborn II.


2013/2014. II. Semester

2 hours/week, (Thursday 16.30-18.00)

Prof. Dr. Imre Oláh

Department of Human Morphology and Developmental Biology

1) February 06 Oláh I.

Fertilisation, zygote, morula, blastula.

2) February 13 Minkó K.

Pattern formation of neural tube.

3) February 20 Minkó K.

Neural crest and its derivatives. Development of the peripheral nervous system.

4) February 27 Nagy N.

Paraaxial mesoderm and its derivatives, somitogenesis, axial skeleton.

5) March 06 Oláh I.

Branchial arches and their derivatives, clinical correlations

6) March 13 Kocsis K.

Epithelio-mesenchymal interactions I.

Development of lungs, glands and teeth

7) March 20 Kocsis K.

Epithelio-mesenchymal interactions II.

Development of kidney

8) March 27 Nagy N.

Intermediate mesoderm, vasculogenesis, AGM region, hemopoiesis.

9) April 03 cancelled

10) April 10 Nagy N.

Lateral plate mesoderm, early development of heart.

spring holiday

11) April 24 Nagy N.

Malformations of heart and great vessels.

12) May 01 cancelled

13) May 08 Nagy N.

Limb formation.

14) May 15 Oláh I.



1 Patterning of the nervous system (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2014.02.13. letöltés
2 Paraxial mesoderm (Nándor Nagy) 2014.02.20. letöltés
3 Neural crest and placods (Krisztina Herberth-Minkó) 2014.02.20. letöltés
4 Epithelium-mesenchyma interaction. Lung and tooth development. (Katalin Kocsis) 2014.03.13. letöltés
5 kocsis_epithelium mesenchyme interaction II_20140320 (Katalin Kocsis) 2014.03.20. letöltés
6 Hemangioblast and Blood vessel development (Nándor Nagy) 2014.03.27. letöltés
7 Early development of heart (Nándor Nagy) 2014.04.24. letöltés
8 Congenital heart defects (Nándor Nagy) 2014.05.15. letöltés

Topics of the exam

Developmental Biology II. course

2013/2014. year 2nd semester

Topics of the exam

1. Maturation of sperm cells outside testis: in male and female genital duct (biochemical maturation, capacitation).

2. Fertilization: significance, place, structure, receptors of zona pellucida and its role in the implantation of the embryo.

3. Acrosomal reaction, prevention of polyspermy.

4. Formation of morula, blastula and molecular expression.

5. Histogenesis and pattern formation of neural tube. Synaptogenesis.

6. Neural crest and its derivatives. Development of peripheral nervous system.

7. Development of lung.

8. Development of teeth.

9. Development of kidney.

10. Vasculogenesis, AGM region.

11. Heart primordia, early development of heart tube (cardiac jelly, endocardial cushions).

12. The most frequent malformations of heart and great vessels.

13. Branchial arches and their derivatives. Malformations.

14. Branchial pouches and their derivatives. Malformations.

15. Limb development and malformations.

16. Sex determination and its malformation.