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2013-2014, ősz (AOKHUM004_1A)


Anatomy: Osteology, arthrology. Muscles, vessels and nerves of the upper and lower limbs. (The topics of the lectures are: general osteology, arhtrology. myology; clinical anatomy of the vertebral column, pelvis and foot). Skull.

Cell biology: Fundamentals of cell biology. Morphology of intracellular organelles. Cell biology of the important membrane processes (exocytosis, endocytosis).
Histology: Basic tissues, histology of blood vessels, blood cells, cells of the bone marrow. Histology of the skin and the mammary gland. Cell biological base of the construction of the tissues.
Embryology: Basic principles of the human development, introduction to the clinical embryology. Spermatogenesis, oogenesis, fertilization, morula, blastula, formation of germinal layers, axes, molecular basis of right-left asymmetry, Hox genes, formation of the placenta, placenta. Factors inducing congenital anomalies. Development of the limbs, trunk and the skull.
Credits: 9
Lectures: 3 hours/week
Histology lab: 2 hours/week
Gross anatomy lab: 4 hours/week


1 Anatomy of the living human (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.09.09. letöltés
2 The cell.How can the structure of cells and tissues be studied? (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.11. letöltés
3 The biological membrane (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.11. letöltés
4 The cell nucleus (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.16. letöltés
5 Cell organelles along the exocytic pathway (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.18. letöltés
6 Cytoskeleton I. Microtubules and MT-based cell organelles (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.18. letöltés
7 Cytoskeleton II. Microfilaments and intermediate filaments (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.23. letöltés
8 Cell division, chromosomes, cell cycle (Pál Röhlich) 2013.09.25. letöltés
9 Cell adhesion, junctional structures, the epithelial cell (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.09.26. letöltés
10 Epithelial tissue (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.09.30. letöltés
11 Connective tissue fibers and their formation (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.10.02. letöltés
12 Connective Tissue: cells and ground substance (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.10.03. letöltés
13 Endocytosis (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.10.07. letöltés
14 Programmed cell death, smooth ER, vesicular transport (Pál Röhlich) 2013.10.09. letöltés
15 Meiosis, gametes (Pál Röhlich) 2013.10.09. letöltés
16 Mitochondrium, peroxysome (Pál Röhlich) 2013.10.14. letöltés
17 CARTILAGE. BONE TISSUE (Judith Molnár) 2013.10.16. letöltés
18 OSSIFICATION, BONE GROWTH, NUCLEI OF OSSIFICATION (Judith Molnár) 2013.10.16. letöltés
19 Clinical anatomy of the upper limb: bones, joints, muscles (Ákos Lukáts) 2013.10.21. letöltés
20 Gastrulation, differentiation of mesoderm (Nándor Nagy) 2013.10.24. letöltés
21 Fertiliz
ation and Cleavage (Nándor Nagy)
2013.10.24. letöltés
22 Muscle tissue (Ágnes Nemeskéri) 2013.10.28. letöltés
23 Vertebral column, thorax (Ákos Lukáts) 2013.10.30. letöltés
24 Axes of the body; left-right asymmetry. Differentiation of mesoderm. (Nándor Nagy) 2013.10.31. letöltés
25 Blood, blood cells. (Katalin Kocsis) 2013.11.12. letöltés
26 Hematopoiesis, erythropoiesis (Katalin Kocsis) 2013.11.13. letöltés
27 Consultation of basic histology – Juliana Chen Xu; Allon Ben Uri (Anna L. Kiss) 2013.11.14. letöltés
29 Pelvis: structure, diameters, static (Ágnes Csáki) 2013.11.20. letöltés
30 Development of the vertebral column and the trunk (Nándor Nagy) 2013.11.20. letöltés
31 Clinical anatomy of the lower limb (Ákos Lukáts) 2013.11.25. letöltés
32 Limb development (Nándor Nagy) 2013.11.27. letöltés
33 SkinHistology – AppendagesDevelopment (Ágnes Nemeskéri) 2013.11.28. letöltés
34 Hernias, subinguinal compartment, femoral canal (Tibor Wenger) 2013.12.02. letöltés
35 Origin of skull (Nándor Nagy) 2013.12.09. letöltés

Cell biology topic list

Cell biology topic list for semifinal

  1. The structure of eukaryotic cell
  2. The preparation of cells and tissues for microscopic analysis
  3. The microscopical ways of cell analysis
  4. Biological membranes: structure, membrane proteins, membrane domains, glycocalyx
  5. Functions of cell membrane, membrane transport
  6. Structure and functions of cell nucleus. The structure of chromatin
  7. The nucleolus: structure, function
  8. The structure of nuclear envelope. Transport via nuclear envelope
  9. The chromosomes.
  10. Karyogram,sex chromosomes, sex chromatin
  11. The RNA: structure, types and its role. The transcription
  12. The ribosome: structure and function. The translation
  13. Sorting of proteins and its importance
  14. The rough-, and smooth- surfaced endoplasmic reticulum: structure and function
  15. The Golgi apparatus: structure, function and its role in protein sorting
  16. Protein secretion, exocytosis
  17. Vesicular transport
  18. The elements of cytoskeleton: analogies and differences
  19. Microtubules: structure, formation and degradation, regulating factors, associated motorproteins
  20. Centrosome (cytocenter): structure and function. Functions of microtubules
  21. The kinocilium and primary (sensory) cilium: structure and their role
  22. Microfilaments: structure, regulation, associated proteins
  23. Functions of microfilaments and their role in the moving/trafficking processes of cell
  24. Intermedier filaments: structure,function, associated proteins, appearance in different cell types
  25. Adhesion molecules (cell-cell, cell-ECM adhesion)
  26. Cell adhesion structures
  27. The general concept of epithelial tissue, cell polarity, membrane domains, structures that increase the surface
  28. Membrana basalis and lamina basalis: structure and function
  29. Mitosis
  30. The role of cell cycle, phases and regulation
  31. Phagocytosis. Intracellular digestion
  32. The lysosome: synthesis of lysosomal enzymes , their transport pathways, functions, lysosomal diseases.
  33. Pinocytosis. Endosome. Transcytosis.
  34. Apoptosis, Autophagia and necrosis. Differentiation, stem cells
  35. Meiosis
  36. The mitochondria: morphology, main functions, localization of subfunctions
  37. The mitochondrial genome, semiautonomous organelles, theory of endosymbiosis
  38. The additional functions of mitochondria besides ATP-synthesis. The peroxisome