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2013-2014, tavasz (GYHUMANAE1A)



1 BUILD OF THE HUMAN BODY (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.02.03. letöltés
2 Basic tissues. Skin. (Sándor Katz) 2014.02.10. letöltés
3 Lymphoid organs: anatomy of the immune system (Nándor Nagy) 2014.02.24. letöltés
4 Respiratory system (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.02.24. letöltés
5 The endocrine system (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.03.03. letöltés
6 Digestive tract (András Szuák) 2014.03.10. letöltés
7 Digestive tract: Liver, Pancreas (András Szuák) 2014.03.17. letöltés
8 Basic embryology (Nándor Nagy) 2014.03.24. letöltés
9 Reproductive organs. (Sándor Katz) 2014.03.31. letöltés
10 Development of the gastrointestinal tractand the urogenital system (Nándor Nagy) 2014.04.07. letöltés
11 CONGENITAL MALFORMATION, TERATOLOGY (Nándor Nagy) 2014.04.14. letöltés
12 Nervous System: Introduction (Ákos Lukáts) 2014.04.21. letöltés
13 Macroscopic and functional anatomy of CNS (Ákos Lukáts) 2014.04.28. letöltés
14 Sensory systems (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.05.05. letöltés
15 Acoustic and vestibular apparatus (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.05.05. letöltés
16 MOTOR SYSTEM (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.05.12. letöltés
17 Cranial nerves, Vegetative nervous system (Ágnes Csáki) 2014.05.12. letöltés

Topics of the exam

Written exam: recognition of anatomical structures and test.

  1. The cell
  2. Epithelial tissue
  3. Supporting tissues
  4. Muscular tissue
  5. Nervous tissue
  6. General structure of bones and joints
  7. Muscles, types and movements
  8. The skull
  9. Thorax, The vertebral column
  10. Abdominal wall and pelvis
  11. Bones, joints and muscles of the upper limb
  12. Bones, joints and muscles of the lover limb
  13. The heart
  14. The great arteries and veins of systemic and pulmonary circulation
  15. Histology of blood vessels
  16. Development of the heart and main blood vessels
  17. Blood, blood cells development
  18. Lymphatic organs, immune system
  19. Upper respiratory system (nasal cavity, larynx, trachea)
  20. Lungs, pleura (topography and histology)
  21. Development of the respiratory system
  22. Oral cavity, salivary glands, teeth, (incl. histology)
  23. Pharynx, esophagus, stomach (incl. histology)
  24. Small intestines (incl. histology)
  25. Large intestine (incl. histology)
  26. Liver, pancreas (incl. histology)
  27. Kidney and urinary tract (incl. histology)
  28. Inner female genital organs (incl. histology)
  29. Inner male genital organs (incl. histology)
  30. External genitalia (male, female), (incl. histology)
  31. Development of urogenital organs
  32. Serous membranes (pleura, pericardium, peritoneum)
  33. Hypothalamus-hypophyis,
  34. Endocrine glands (incl. histology)
  35. Spinal cord , reflex arc
  36. Brain, meninges (excl. histology)
  37. Brain stem,IV. ventricle
  38. Cerebellum, diencephalon
  39. Hemispheres, Cerebral cortex, Ventricles
  40. Sensory pathways
  41. Motor functions,basal ganglia
  42. Eye, eye muscles and its central connections
  43. Organ of hearing and equilibrium and their central connections
  44. Cranial nerves, Spinal nerves
  45. Autonomic nervous system
  46. Development of the central nervous system and main malformations
  47. Development of sensory organs (Eye, Ear)
  48. Integumentary system, mammary gland