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Subject code: AOKANT461_1A 


No Title (lecturer) Date Download
 1. The role of anatomy, histology and embryology in the medical curriculum. Terminology (Dr. L. Kiss Anna) 2017/09/11-12  download
 2. The cell , cellular membrane, endoplasmic reticulum  (Prof. Dr. Röhlich Pál)  2017/09/11-14  download
 3. Cell nucleus, mitochondrium, peroxysome  (Prof. Dr. Röhlich Pál) 2017/09/12-14  download
 4. Adhesion molecules, intercellular connections, epithelial cells (Dr. L. Kiss Anna)  2017/09/18-19 download
5. Types of epithelia. Glandular epithelium (Dr. L. Kiss Anna)  2017/09/18-21 download
6. The cellular framework, microtubules, IM filaments, actin microfilaments (Prof. Dr. Röhlich Pál)  2017/09/20-21 download
7. Exocytosis, Golgi apparatus, , vesicular transport, sorting. Endocytosis, cellular organelles. Apoptosis (Dr. L. Kiss Anna)  2017/09/25-26 download
8. General arthrology and myology. Joints , muscles and movements of the shoulder and the upper girdle (Dr. Csáki Ágnes)  2017/09/25-28 download
9. Muscles and actions of the elbow joint (Dr. Csáki Ágnes)  2017/09/27-28 download
10. Joints, muscles and actions of the wrist and the hand (Dr. Szuák András)  2017/10/02-03 download
11. Connective tissue cells    
12. Connective tissue fibres, types and formation. Extracellular matrix    download
13. The principles of cell division, differentiation. Cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis (Dr. Herbert-Minkó Krisztina) 2017/10/09 download
14. Supporting tissues (cartilage, bone) (Dr. Kocsis Katalin)  2017/10/09-10 download
15. Ossification, bone remodelling (Dr. Kocsis Katalin)  2017/10/09-12 download
16. Components, muscles, joints and ligaments of the vertebral column. Intervertebral, atlantooccipital and atlantoaxial joints   download
17. Ribs, components and movements of the thorax. Abdominal muscles, rectus sheath.    
18. Muscles, fasciae and movements  of the neck. Back muscles, occipital muscles (Dr. Csáki Ágnes)  2017/10/16-19 download
19. Bones, joints, construction of the pelvis. (Dr. Szuák András) 2017/10/24  download 
20. Muscles and actions of the hip joint (Dr. Kocsis Katalin) 2017/10/25  download
21. Muscles and actions of the knee joint (Dr. Csáki Ágnes) 2017/10/25 download
22. Subinguinal hiatus. Inguinal canal. Adductor and femoral canals (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2017/10/30 download 
23. Muscles and joints of the foot. Architecture of the foot (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2017/10/30  download 
24. Blood. Corpuscular elements. Red bone marrow, erythropoiesis, Formation of leukocytes (Dr. Herbert-Minkó Krisztina)  2017/11/01 download
25. Muscle tissue    
26. Gametes, fertilization, cleavage and blastulation (Dr. Nagy Nándor)  2017/11/6-9 download 
27. Implantation, bilaminar embryo. Fetal membranes, umbilical cord. Structure of the placenta, placentar circulation (Dr. Nagy Nándor) 2017/11/8-9  download 
28. Molecular basis for gastrulation.Formation, differentiation and derivatives of the germinal layers. (Dr. Nagy Nándor)  2017/11/13-15 download
29. Neurulation, folding of the embryo. Body axes, left-right lateralizationm asymmetry. (Dr. Nagy Nándor)  2017/11/13-16 download
30. Formation of the primary tissues. Homeobox genes, stem cells (Dr. Nagy Nándor)  2017/11/14-16 download
31. Histology of vessels. (Dr. Nemeskéri Ágnes) 2017/11/20  download 
32. Bony framework of the skull. Sphenoid and ethmoid    
33. Temporal bone. Internal and external skull base    
34. Facial skeleton. Orbit, nasal cavity (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2017/11/27  download
35. Skull. Infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae (Dr. Katz Sándor) 2017/11/28  download
36. Nervous  tissue. Glial cells    
37. Temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication; muscles of  facial expression 2017/12/11 download 
38. Development of the skull, fontanelles. 2017/12/11  download
39. Development of the limbs  and the vertebral column together with the trunk 2017/12/05  download 
40. Developmental malformations  2017/12/12 download 
41. Clinical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system    
42. Clinical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system    


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