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Subject code: AOKANT461_3A 



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 1. Introduction to the study of the nervous system. Meninges, hemispheres, the lateral ventricles  11.09.2017.  Download
 2. Differentiation of the neural tube, development of the spinal cord. Neural crest. Craniocaudal and dorsoventral differentiation, malformations  11.09.2017.  Download
 3. Differentiation of the brain vesicles. Gross anatomy of the diencephalon, the 3rd ventricle  13.09.2017  Download
 4. Macroscopy and development of the brain stem and cerebellum, the 4th ventricle    
5. Development and derivatives of the placode ectoderm and the neural crest



Download (Dr. Altdorfer)

Download (Dr. Székely)

6. Blood supply to the brain, CSF circulation



Download (Dr. Székely)

Download (Dr. Kozsurek)

video1; video2

7. Gross anatomy and blood supply of the spinal cord, spinal segment. Dermatomes.    
8. Microscopical structure of the spinal cord, Rexed zones. Spinal reflexes, receptors and effectors, proprioceptive reflex arc.



 Download (Dr. Vereczki)

Download (Dr. Puskár)

9. Nociceptive (withdrawal) and autonomic reflex arcs. Spinal pathways, injuries, symptoms



 Download (Dr. Altdorfer)

Download (Dr. Kozsurek)

10. Cells of the CNS: neurons, glia cells. Axon, dendrite, synapses, synaptic transmission  2.10.2017.




11. Microscopy of the cerebral cortex. Cortical fields, Brodmann areas



 Download (Dr. Kozsurek)

Download (Dr. Alpár)

12. Sensory systems 4.10.2017.  Download
13. Motor systems and tracts, pyramidal tract



Download ( Dr.Kozsurek)

Download (Dr. Ádám)

14. Structure and connections of the basal ganglia. Motor pathways arising from the brain stem  11.10.2017.  Download
15. Microscopy of the cerebellum, pathways. Functional considerations  11.10.2017  Download (Dr. Vereczki)
16. Diencephalon, thalamic nuclei    
17. Introduction to cranial nerves. Classification of sensory, motor and autonomic nuclei  16.10.2017.  Download
18. Reticular formation, monoaminergic systems



Download (Dr.Kálmán)

 Download (Dr.Ádám)

19. Microscopy of the brainstem  16.10.2017. Download
20. Trigeminal nerve, trigeminal neuralgia    
21. Cranial nerves 3, 4, 6, 7. Central and peripheral paresis



 Download (Dr.Gallatz)

Download (Dr.Gallatz)

Download (Dr.Lendvai)

22. Glossopharyngeal, vagus, accessory and hypoglossal nerves



Download (Dr.Kozsurek)

Download (Dr.Gallatz)

23. Sympathetic nervous systems  30.10.2017. Download
24. Parasympathetic nervous systems. Autonomic innervation and reflexes of pelvic organs    
25. Fibrous and vascular coats of the eyeball. Lens, chambers of the eye, vitreous body, accommodation  6.11.2017.  Download
26. Inner coat of the eyeball, retina. Morphological basis for colour vision  6.11.2017.  Download (Dr.Kozsurek)
27. Optic nerve, visual pathway, visual cortex, disorders. Visual reflexes  8.11.2017.  Download (Dr.Csillag)
28. Extraocular muscles and eye movements, conjugated eye movements, strabism. 3D vision    
29. Protective and lacrimal apparatus of the eye. Development of the eye. Malformations  13.11.2017.  Download
30. Skin and appendages. Mammary gland  16.11.2017.  Download
31. The organ of hearing in general. External ear, auditory tube, tympanic cavity, tympanic membrane, auditory ossicles  20.11.2017.  Download
32. Bony and membranous labyrinth. Vestibular system  20.11.2017.  Download
33. Spiral organ of Corti. Auditory pathway, auditory cortex  27.11.2017.  Download
34. Development of the auditory and vestibular system. Clinical relevances    27.11.2017.  Download
35. Olfactory and gustatory systems  30.11.2017.  Download (Dr. Gallatz)
36. Limbic system    
37. The hypothalamo-hypophysial system. The pituitary gland  4.12.2017.  Download
38. Endocrine organs: pineal body, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands  27.11.2017.  Download
39. Drugs of abuse, opiates, endogenous cannabinoids and receptor mediated actions in the CNS    
40.  Patient demonstration    
41.  Research in the field of neuroscience  11.12.2017.  Download
42.  Research in the field of neuroscience  14.12.2017.  Download


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