The Semmelweis 250 Clinical Conference not only aims to present a multidisciplinary approach to more than 20 fields of clinical medicine but also offers practical workshops for our medical students (4-5-6. year). Students will be able to practice important medical skills such as emergency bleeding control and airway management, simulated venepuncture, removal of foreign bodies from airways in children and solving emergency radiological cases in groups of 10-12 people. We offer a wide palette of skill-centered activities with the help of the Dept. of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, 1st. Dept. of Pediatrics and the Medical Imaging Centre of the Radiology Clinic.

Venue: EOK Seminar Rooms (Tűzoltó utca 37-43.)
Timing: 15.00 – 18.00
Students can register to the following workshops:

1. Everyday flash-skills for emergencies (1 group/both days, length: 3 hours)

During the workshop, students will need to recognize a problematic emergency situation and will be able to practice the skills below, so in the end of the 3-hour activity, they should manage to work as a group to solve arising emergency situations.

Skills in focus:

  • Immediate bleeding control
  • Emergency airway management
    • supraglottic airway management skills
    • invasive airway management – conicotomy
  • Tension PTX – needle decompression
  • Intraosseal cannulation

2. Hands-on practice for pediatric emergencies (1 group/both days, 45-minute long sessions with separate registration)

This workshop consists of separate 45-minute skill-stations to allow every attendant to choose specific areas of development to be in focus for this clinical session.


  • Simulated venepuncture
  • Practicing the correct bag-valve-mask ventilation
  • Removal of foreign bodies from airways (pediatric and adult cases)
  • Resuscitation-technique competition

3. Radiology as a cornerstone in emergency medicine – interactive case-solving seminar (2 groups/both days, length: 1,5 h/workshop)

Our interactive seminar set up a wide variety of clinical emergency cases with different levels of difficulty – illustrated by rich radiological imagery. The participants can experience the consultative function of radiology in tailoring the patient paths.

Topics in focus:

  • interactive emergency cases and the delicacies, strength, and limitations of radiological modalities
  • protocols of medical imaging, decision support systems in radiology
  • when to use medical imaging options and when not?
  • examples of clinical cooperations and diagnostic traps
  • proper communication among related professions

After the workshops, we offer a Closing Lounge Event with wine selection and cheese plates.