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Medicine (English Language Programme)

V. Year

Education program of Traumatology for medical students_V Year_2017_2018_II semester

Traumatology block schdule for 5th year medical students _2017_2018_II. semester végleges másolata

Requirements-5th-year-2017-2018 (You can find the lectures’ pdf at the end of the page!!!)

Information letter for V. year medical students – Traumatology Practice

Topics of dissertations 2018_2019



VI. Year


Important Information For VI. Year Students


Documents for 2 weeks traumatology practice – in abroad:

For those hospitals which are in the “Approved health institutes for 6th year rotations” only need the letter of acceptance:

For those hospitals which are not in the “Approved health institutes for 6th year rotations”:

Certificate and syllabus for the 2 weeks traumatology practice (these are for the Neptun’s signature):