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RECOOP-FKCAS: Life Science Images to Inspire Artworks


Dear RECOOP Member!

We are officially announcing the RECOOP HST Association’s Second Sciences and Arts Competition. The participating art works shell be inspired by the life science images will be provided by RECOOP scientists. 

Also, RECOOP scientists could submit their life science images as an artwork. The artworks will be displayed during the Bridges in Life Sciences 12th Annual Scientific Conference in Hotel Gellert, Budapest, Hungary on April 6-9, 2016.

The images of the RECOOP Scientists have been uploaded into a gallery, where the life science images are available for download.

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If RECOOP Scientists would like to submit images as their own artwork, it shall be uploaded until February 26, 2017 midnight. The submitted art work (life science images) should be high resolution image (300ppi)

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The venue of the RECOOP Sciences and Arts Exhibition and Show the Gallery of Hotel Gellert, Budapest, Hungary
Opening hours: April 7 and 8 from 9 am to 7 pm
Opening ceremony: April 7, 2017 at 11:00 am

The art works will be reviewed by an International Jury composed from renowned artists and RECOOP Young Scientists. The first price is 300 USD, the second 200 USD and the third 100 USD. The displayed artworks will be auctioned and the collected payments would be transferred to the artists. At the same time the participating artist would have an opportunity to donate the sales income to the Bohdan Malaniak CSMC – RECOOP Young Scientists Research Grant.


Life Science Images, 2016

Dear science-lover Artists!

The RECOOP Association with Korányi Frigyes College For Advanced Studies announce the first annual Art and Sciences Competition. The main goal of the RECOOP Annual Art and Sciences Competition is to initiate working relation between RECOOP young scientists, PhD students, post docs and art students, young artists to create artworks from research methods resulted in images.

Below you will find science images, made with different imaging techniques by RECOOP Member Organisations. Your task is to create an artwork, based on one of the images below, in any branch of fine arts. During the contest every participant will be assigned to a RECOOP laboratory member. They can help you getting a deeper understanding in the imaging technique and give any help related to the competition.

Every submitted artworks will be reviewed by RECOOP Art and Sciences Review Board, which will make the selection of the top five art works. RECOOP will send the invitations to the selected art students in late March and they will have an exhibition during the Bridges in Life Sciences 11th Annual Scientific Conference, April 7-10th, 2016, held in Prague. Furthermore the five best image will also be published in the Croatian Medical Journal Special RECOOP issue in April 2016 and every artwork submitted for review will be displayed in the Koranyi Frigyes College for Advanced Studies in May 2016 and in September in an Art studio in Szentendre.