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About us

The Korányi Frigyes College for Advanced Studies is a unique institution of its kind. Although we have tried to summarize the essence of our organization for long, no universal definition could be created so far. Each and every inhabitant has his own perception of our diverse, continuously changing community.

Our founders in 1985 intended to create an independent intellectual workshop in the Harsfa Street, a dormitory that would not only provide accommodation to the students but also help their professional development. They wanted to educate well trained, conscientious medical professionals who feel responsible for the development of the Hungarian Society.

The main goal of our college is to take part in the raise of independent intellectuals. Our strict academic criteria helps our students to acquire a strong fund of knowledge, the required research work develops their objective scientific point of view, while our courses aim to provide our members with useful multidisciplinary information for their future professional carrier.

The classical building in Harsfa street is also the home of a tenacious student community. Every inhabitant takes an equally important part in forming the everyday life of our college, and all recognitions attained in the last quarter of a century could be mainly attributed to this vibrant and innovative student company.