FOK III lectures 2018/2019. 2nd semester

Place: Semmelweis Egyetem, Arc-Állcsont-Szájsebészeti és Fogászati Klinika, Mária u. 52. Time: Wednesday 10.30 – 11.15 h attendant: Dr. Kinga Bérczy

1. Febr. 06. Clinical examination, symptoms and diagnostics in oral surgery. Dentist-patient relationship.(Dr. Körmöczi)

2. Febr. 13. TDK conference – no classes

3. Febr. 20. Local anaesthesia II.The pharmacological properties of local anaesthetic drugs. The modeof action of local anaesthetics. The composition of local anaesthetic preparations. Indications, contraindications.(Dr. Kálmán)

4. Febr. 27. Local anaesthesia I.The history of local anaesthesia. Physiological and psychological aspects of pain. Technical possibilities.(Dr. Shkolnik)

5. March 06. Local anaesthesia III.The technique of local anaesthesia. Generally used techniques for terminal (infiltrative) and block anaesthesia.(Dr. Szűcs)

6. March 13. Local anaesthesia IV.Special techniques for local anaesthesia. Ganglion blockade. Intraligamental anaesthesia. Anaesthesia of inflamed tissues.(Dr. Koppány)

7. March 20. Local anaesthesia V.Complications of local anaesthesia. Active agent induced complications. Technical complications.(Dr. Körmöczi)

8. March 27. Pathology and special aspects of wound healing in the oral cavity. Healing of wounds of the bone and soft tissues.  (Dr. Shkolnik)

9. Apr. 3. Written Midterm (Dr. Koppány)

10. Apr. 10. Operation technique in dentoalveolar surgery. (surgical tools, flaps, sutures) (Dr. Bérczy)

11. Apr. 17. Easter Holiday

12. Apr. 24. The operative technique of tooth removal I.Indications and contraindications of tooth removal. Biomechanical basis and surgical technique of tooth extraction.(Dr. Szűcs)

13. May 01. Labour day – Public Holiday

14. May 08. The operative technique of tooth removal II.Surgical removal of teeth and roots.(Dr. Szűcs)

15. May 15. The operative technique of tooth removal III.Complications.(Dr. Szűcs)


Lecture topics for 4th year dental students in Oral Surgery
2018/2019. II. term
Location: Arc-Állcsont-Szájsebészeti és Fogászati Klinika, 1085 Bp. Mária u. 52.
Time: Tuesday 08.00-08.45 attendant: Dr. Szűcs

1.Febr. 05.Developmental anomalies I.Complex therapy of cleft lip and palate. Craniofacial malformations. (Dr. Huszár)

2. Febr. 12.Developmental anomalies II.Surgical management of dysgnathia.(Dr. Vízkelety)

3. Febr. 19.Dentoalveolar trauma.Injuries of neighbouring soft tissues, principles of management.Clinical aspects of tooth replantation: indication, technique, prognosis.         (Dr. Koppány)

4. Febr. 26.Maxillofacial surgical aspects of peripheral nerve disorders.(Dr. Németh)

5. March. 05.Diseases of the temporomandibular joint.(Diagnosis and management)(Dr. Vaszilkó)

6. March 12.Non-odontogenic cysts.Developmental cysts. Pseudocysts. Soft tissue cysts.(Dr. Németh)

7. March 19.Preprosthetic surgery II. Edentulous jaws. Osteoplasty. Corrections of soft tissues.(Dr. Komlós)

8. March 26. Preprosthetic surgery I.Principles.(Dr. Shkolnik)

9. Apr. 02. Written midterm

10. Apr. 09.Facial pain. The origin of different facial pain. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of facial pain. Neuralgia. (Dr. Németh)

11 Apr. 16.Easter Holiday

12. Apr. 23. Salivary gland diseases. Diagnostics and therapy (Prof. Szabó)

13. Ápr. 30.University day – no classes

14. May 07.Emergency medicine in dental surgery. Emergencies in the dental practice. Management of “high risk patients”.(Dr. Somogyi)

15. May 14.Laser surgery. Physical properties of laser. Laser devices. Possibilities of laser surgery.(Dr. Vaszilkó)


Lecture topics for 5th year dental students in Oral Surgery
2018/2019. II. term

Location: Arc-Állcsont-Szájsebészeti és Fogászati Klinika, 1085 Bp. Mária u. 52.
Time: Monday 12.00 – 12.45 attendant: Dr. Bérczy

1. Febr. 04. Distraction osteogenesis. (Dr. Bogdán)

2. Febr. 11. Plastic and reconstructive surgery in the head and neck region.(Dr. Vaszilkó)

3. Febr. 18. Pharmaceutical support of dental surgery.(Antibiotics, pain-killers, endocarditis prophylaxis) (Dr. Barabás P.)

4. Febr. 25. Collaboration in orthodontic surgery. (Dr. Vízkelety)

5. March 04. Septic surgery. (Dr. Vaszilkó)

6. March 11. Lesions requiring surgical treatment in the oral cavityin childhood.                       (Dr. Déri Katalin)

7. March 18. Systemic diseases in the maxillofacial region. (Dr. Huszár)

8. March 25. Role of modern imaging methods in maxillofacial diagnostics. (Dr. Futácsi)

9. Apr. 01. Laser surgery. Physical properties of laser. Laser devices. Possibilities of laser surgery.(Dr. Vaszilkó)

10. Apr. 08.. Biomaterials in maxillofacial surgery (Prof. Divinyi)

11. Apr. 15. Easter Holiday

12. Apr. 22. Easter Monday13. Apr. 29. Consultation (Dr. Bogdán)


Lecture topics for 4th year medical students in Oral Surgery and Dentistry
2018/2019. I. term

Location: 1-4+14. WEEK: Dept. of Ophthalmology (Szemészeti Klinika) lecture hall, 1085 Bp. Mária u. 39.
5-13. WEEK Arc-Állcsont-Szájsebészeti és Fogászati Klinika, 1085 Bp. Mária u. 52.

time: FRIDAY 08.00 – 09.30 attendant: Dr. Mezei

1. Sept. 14. Oral diagnostic methods (Dr. Dombi/ Dr. Dobai)

2. Sept. 21. Developmental disorders. (Cleft lip and palate, craniofacial developmental disorders. Dysgnathia.) (Dr. Vaszilkó)

3. Sept. 28. Conservative dentistry and endodontics (Dr. Tóth)

4. Oct. 05. Benign tumors. Praecancerous lesions and conditions. (Dr. Csurgay)

5. Oct. 12. Anaesthesia – tooth extraction. Dentoalveolar surgery. (Dr. Szűcs)

6. Oct. 19. Periodontology. (Prof. Gera)

7. Oct. 26. Complex therapy of malignant tumors. (Dr. Németh)

8. Nov. 02. Holiday

9. Nov. 09. Maxillofacial traumatology. (Dr. Barabás P.)

10. Nov. 16. Reconstructive surgery. (Dr. Németh)

11. Nov. 23. Paediatric dentistry. Orthodontics. (Dr. Rózsa)

12. Nov. 30. Dental rehabilitation. Prosthetic dentistry (Dr. Kivovics)

13. Dec. 07. Odontogenic inflammation (Dr. Szűcs)

14. Dec. 14. Test (Dr. Németh)