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Surgery Topic List I st Semester 2017/18

1. Wounds and their classification. Wound healing.

2. Wound infections. Symptoms and treatment.

3. Asepsis and antisepsis. Sterilization, desinfection.

4. Surgical infections. The role of antibiotics in surgery.

5. Bleeding and blood clotting. The methods of haemostasis.

6. The transfusion. Indications and methods. Possible complications.

7. Indications and types of operations.

8. The preoperative management of surgical patients.

9. The postoperative treatment and complications.

10. Abdominal hernias (anatomy, diagnosis and treatment).

11. Groin hernias (anatomy, diagnosis and treatment).

12. Rare abdominal hernias.

13. Surgical aspects of perioperativ nutrition.

14. The local anaesthesia

15. Forms and methods of general anaesthesia

16. Surgical oncology (basic principles of the diagnosis)

17. Surgical oncology (basic principles of the treatment)

18. Surgical aspects of solid organ transplantation (techniques and methods)

19. General aspects of solid organ transpalntation (indications, donor pool, brain death)

20. Sport surgery


Surgery Topic List IInd Semester 2017/18

  1. Surgical diseases of the adrenal gland
  2. Goitre (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  3. Tumors of the thyroid gland (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  4. Surgical aspects of the parathyroid gland
  5. Hiatal hernia – GERD
  6. Diverticuli of the oesophagus. Achalasia, Injuries
  7. Oesophageal tumors (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  8. Surgical aspects of peptic ulcer discase
  9. Tumors of the stomach (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  10. Gallstone disease (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, complications)
  11. Tumors of the biliary tract (bile duct and gallblader)
  12. Benign liver tumors (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  13. Primary and secundary liver tumors (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  14. Surgical aspects of acute pancreatitis (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  15. Surgical aspects of chronic pancreatitis (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  16. Tumors of the pancreas- radical and palliative surgery
  17. Surgical aspects of colorectal polyps, polyposis syndromes, diverticulosis
  18. Tumors of the large bowel (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  19. Inflammatory bowel disease -surgical aspects
  20. Haemorrhoids, anal fistule and fissure, anorectal abscess
  21. Anorectal cancer (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  22. Hernia: definitions, forms, types and symptoms
  23. Treatment of hernias
  24. Copllications of hernias
  25. Benign breast laesions (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  26. Malignant breast tumors ( symptoms, diagnosis, treatment)
  27. Surgical aspects of retroperitoneal tumors