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IV class block study – (English course)
Surgery 2018/2019 1st semester
II.Department of Surgery

In the semester, students will be introduced to the basics of general surgery.
The training builds on the curriculum and courses of the Department of Experimental Surgery.
Within the framework (35 contact lessons), we train the students in two-week turnovers.
The 35 lessons are divided by the timetable.

Eight lectures will be held in the field of general surgery.

1. The concept, types and indications of surgery. Legal issues,  Surgery.
2. Types of wounds, principles of wound treatment
3. Surgical infections
4. Bleeding, haemostasis, thrombosis prophylaxis
5. Intraoperative and postoperative complications
6. Diagnosis and care of severe abdominal injuries
7. Basic principles of surgical oncology
8. Laparoscopic surgical technique, video presentation

Recommended Practical Activities:

1. investigating an acute patient,
2. investigating a surgical patient
3. wound treatment,  dressings
4. participation in the work of the surgical ambulance
5. surgical assistance, visiting the OR
6. case reports
7. surgical administration
8. postoperative treatment, medication

In the framework of block education, because of its close theme, we will be able to replace the absences in one of the next rounds.

On an individual basis, we offer students an opportunity to participate in acute care. This is possible every week on Sundays and Mondays.

Participation in fire and safety training is mandatory at the beginning of education.

After the term of study, during the exam period, only students who are taught by our clinic are eligible to sit for an oral exam (colloquium).

The exam items are published on our website and in the Neptun system at the beginning of the study period.
The items will be compiled from the themes of lectures  and presentations.
With regard to the new form of education, there will also be items in lectures and presentations. Students can prepare themselves from textbooks and from other sources.

The course leader is the director of the clinic, Dr. Gábor István
Study responsible: Dr. György Ledniczky  clinical chief physician
All educators in the clinic participate in the education.


SURGERY TOPIC LIST – Ist Semester 2018/19

  1. Asepsis, antisepsis
  2. Surgical infections. Symptoms, treatment
  3. The wound. It’s types and classification
  4. Treatment of a wound
  5. Preoperative risk assessment
  6. Indications, definitions, types of surgery
  7. Emergency surgery
  8. Thrombosis prophylaxis
  9. Intraoperative and postoperative complications
  10. Postoperative care
  11. Minimal invasive surgical modalities
  12. Principles of surgical oncology
  13. Basics of organ transplantation

SURGERY TOPIC LIST – IInd Semester 2018/19

  1. Surgical diseases of the adrenal gland
  2. Goitre (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  3. Tumors of the thyroid gland (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  4. Surgical aspects of the parathyroid gland
  5. Hiatal hernia – GERD
  6. Diverticuli of the oesophagus, Achalasia, Injuries
  7. Oesophageal tumors (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  8. Surgical aspects of peptic ulcer disease
  9. Tumors of the stomach (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  10. Gallstone disease (symptoms, diganosis, treatment, complications)
  11. Tumors of the biliary tract (bile duct and gallblader)
  12. Benign liver tumors (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  13. Primary and secundary liver tumors (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  14. Surgical aspects of acute pancreatitis (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  15. Surgical aspects of chronic pancreatitis (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  16. Tumors of the pancreas – radical and palliative surgery
  17. Surgical aspects of colorectal polyps, polyposis syndromes, diverticulosis
  18. Tumors of the large bowel (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  19. Inflammatory bowel disease – surgical aspects
  20. Haemorrhoids, abal fistule and fissure, anorectal abscess
  21. Anorectal cancer (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  22. Hernia: definition, forms, types and sympthoms
  23. Treatment of hernias
  24. Complications of hernias
  25. Benign breast laesions (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)
  26. Malignant breast tumors (symptoms, diganosis, treatment)


Recomended books:

Sabiston Essentials of Surgery. Saunders.

Davis-Foster-Gamelli: Essentials of Clinical Surgery. Mosby Year Book

Davis-Christopher (ed.: Sabiston): Textbook of Surgery. The biological basis of modern surgical practice. Saunders Company.

Gaál: Sebészet. Bp. Medicina 2012

Littmann: Sebészeti műtéttan. Bp. Medicina

Szécsény-Berentey: Sebészet. Bp. Medicina