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Radiology Undergraduate Education Program

The Semmelweis University is committed to the education of medical students with respect to diagnostic imaging. Formal lectures as well as practical sessions in small groups are organised on weekly basis in one semester in the 4th year.

Radiology education relies on a strong knowledge of anatomy and Medical imaging methods subjects, we strongly encourage all medical students to commit as much anatomy and physics to memory as possible.  The learning objectives in this subject are characterised by the ability to understand the role of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in the investigation and management of common clinical scenarios. Students that wish to learn more about Radiology as a career and/or to increase their Radiology education, are encouraged to participate in the TDK program in Radiology.

The goals of the undergraduate medical education in Radiology are:

  • Understand the role of radiologists as part of the multi-disciplinary patient care team
  • Understand the application of radiology technology in an appropriate manner to answer clinical problems or questions
  • Learn some of the differential diagnoses for common radiographic findings
  • To expolre the workflow and areas of radiologists

Downloads and quick links

Time-Schedule-18-19new (vegl)

Lectures and practice topics 2018-2019

English Education 2018-19
(Contacts / Addresses / Requirements)

E-learning material: Official coursebook written by the colleagues of our department in 2011, being refreshed regularly, gradual curriculum in 3 languages, postgradual curriculum and CME in Hungarian.

Handout downloads

Official coursebook written by the colleagues of our clinic in 2011, being refreshed regularly, gradual curriculum in 3 languages, postgradual curriculum and CME in Hungarian. Coursebook

Images: Downloadable Images for the exam

English Oral Exam Topics

TÁMOP application / 4 dimensional visualization of individual pathological preparations (educational material)

Student scientific work Research Subjects 2018-19

Undergraduate Radiology education consists of lectures and practises:


  • Wednesdays 12:50pm-2:30pm
    • Location: Lecture Hall of 2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (78/a Üllői street, 2nd floor)
  • List of the lectures and practices on our website
  • Catalogue on the lectures – occasionally
    • Please bring your Hungarian Student Card with you!
  • Main points of topics will be accessible on our website
    • Not all slides of the lectures are available


  • Every week in the same group (application in Neptun system)
  • Roll-call
    • ONLY 3 absences acceptable
    • Please keep your Hungarian Student Card always with you!
    • Practises to be replaced only in the same week is allowed in other groups, max. in 3 cases.
  • Material
    • Only lecture handouts are available
    • Practise material will NOT be distributed

      RSNA Diagnosis Live

      Please preregister to the RSNA Diagnosis Live portal in order to access to the slides during the interactive practises:

      The registration is free.

Successful semester closes with midterm test:

Midterm test

Radiology competition

  • December 12, 2018, 2nd part of the lecture
  • 30 min
  • Test form
  • Materials:
    • all covered topics
    • outcome
      • above the level 80%:
        • the first 5 students automatically recieve 5 as the final mark, they require no exams
        • anyone above, but not in first 5 will only need to take one topic in the oral exam, the other one is an automatic 5.
        • Competition results (12 December 2018) (Competition results 2018)

Requirements in the semester

  • Exam:
    • Oral exam during exam period (17 Dec 2018 – 1 Feb 2019)
    • Application in Neptun system
    • Location of the exam will be announced in the secretary of the Dept. of Radiology on the day of the exam (please come here)
    • Materials:
    • Topic lists (English Oral Exam Topics)
      • list 1: technology
      • list 2: clinical point of view
      • Images from must see images

After successful semester, students are welcome for Student Scientific Work in the Department. Application in the secretary of the Department. List of topics can be downloaded from the Downloads and quick links.


Chief of Undergraduate English Education:

Dávid László, TÁRNOKI MD, PhD

Phone: +36-20-663-2052


Secretary of the Department of Radiology

78/a Üllői street, Budapest 1082, Budapest