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The Department of Pulmonology is part of the Medical Center of Semmelweis University.  The Department serves as a university hospital with 147 beds for patients suffering from any type of lung or chest disease. Among them are patients suffering from airway obstruction, lung restriction, acute or chronic respiratory failure, lung cancer and infectious pulmonary disease.

Fourth year medical students studying in Hungarian, English or German language are educated in respiratory medicine. Faculty of the Department is qualified in patient care, education and research. There are more than 15 members of the faculty who have also the Ph.D. (research) degree in addition to diplomes in medicine, pulmonology, many in clinical oncology and other specialties.

The Department includes an intensive care and a sub-intensive care unit, a sleep-disordered breathing laboratory and takes care patients waiting for or being after lung transplantation or suffering from other rare diseases, for example, primary pulmonary hypertension. The Department is a busy place where patients, visitors, the staff and multilingual students fill the corridors.