The School of Ph.D. Studies offers three forms of education:

  • Full-time, entering Phase I as students
  • Part-time, entering Phase I as students
  • Individual studies, entering Phase II as candidates

Both full-time and part-time students are required to meet the same admission requirements. Individuals who join the programme in Phase II are not considered students, and will not be given a record book or student identity card; rather, they are considered candidates for the doctoral degree.
Admission Requirements and Process
Doctoral applicants mustbe university graduates or students registered for their final semester of university
studies, possess at least a certified C type (oral and written) state foreign-language exam or
an equivalent certificate if applying admission to the Hungarian-language program.
Applicants for the English-Language program must have a good command of English.
When applying to the programme, applicants are required to state the specific trainingprogramme and research topic they wish to pursue within one of the University’s doctoral schools.
The admission procedure is based on evaluating the candidate’s general knowledge and personal ability topic-related knowledge and academic competence previous scientific activity and contribution.
The admission board of each doctoral school creates a ranked list of candidates which is submitted to the University’s Doctoral Council. The Doctoral Council makes the final decision regarding admissions.
Tuition Fees
Certain costs of education, scientific training and official procedures are covered by students
and candidates. Most of the fees are equal to or close to what is ordinarily paid by undergraduate