of Semmelweis University
79 days
-2 hours
16 min
18 sec
József Timár Dr.
E-mail: jozsef.timar@med.semmelweis-univ.hu
Phone:+36 1 215-6921
Zoltán Benyó Dr. 
President  of the Educational and Credit Board Email: benyo.zoltan@med.semmelweis-univ.huPhone:+36 1- 459-1500/60300
György Bagdy Dr.
President of the Scientific Board
Email: bagdy.gyorgy@med.semmelweis-univ.hu
Phone:+36 1- 459-1500/55331
János Rigó Dr.
President of the Quality Controll and Evaluation Board
Email: rigo.janos@med.semmelweis-univ.hu
Phone: +36 1 266-0473 / 54216
Bence Tamás Szabó Dr.
President of the Doctoral Student’s Union 
Representatives of the Faculties
Heads of the Departmental (Scientific) Doctoral Schools

Basic Medicine Doctoral School
László Rosivall Dr.
Clinical Medicine Doctoral School
Tivadar Tulassay Dr.
Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral School
Béla Noszál Dr.
Mental Health Sciences Doctoral School
István Bitter Dr.
Neurosciences Doctoral School
Dániel Bereczki Dr.
Molecular medicine Doctoral School
József Mandl Dr.
Pathological Sciences Doctoral School
Ilona Kovalszky Dr.Representatives of  other  Universities’ Doctoral Schools
Péter  Tamás Sótonyi Dr.
Péter Szolgay Dr.Former  heads of the doctoral schools:
László Kopper Dr.
Emil Monos Dr.
Miklós Réthelyi Dr
Éva Szökő Dr.
Zsolt Tulassay Dr.