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Timetable of practices (I. semester)

 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy seminar schedule for 4th year medical students
2019/2020 1st semester

Lecture: Thursday 1005-1210

Time of seminar  Group    Teacher  Location
Thursday  08:00-09:55 EM4/1-2 Clinical block 1 Dr. Timár Júlia L-01
  EM4/3-4 Clinical block 2 Dr. Görbe Anikó L-02
  EM4/5-6 Clinical block 3 Dr. Makkos András L-03
  EM4/7-8 Clinical block 4 Dr. Brenner Gábor L-04
  EM4/9-10 Clinical block 5 Dr. Hársing László L-05
Thursday  12:20-14:15 EM4/11-12 Clinical block 6 Dr. Varga Zoltán L-03
  EM4/13-14 Clinical block 7 Dr. Riba Pál L-04
  EM4/15-16 Clinical block 8 Dr. Kató Erzsébet L-05


Budapest, September 3rd 2019

                                                                                                             Dr. Pál Riba

                                                                                                        teaching coordinator