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Schedule of Lectures (II. semester)

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy II (2018/2019)
English course, Lectures
Tuesday 08.00 -10.05
NET Brown Lecture Hall

February 5th Special aspects of pediatric and geriatric pharmacology
Dr. Sándor Kerpel-Fronius
February 12th   Drugs used in disorders of coagulation (2019)
Dr. László Köles
February 19th Treatment strategy of ischemic heart disease (CP)

Treatment strategy of acute and chronic heart failure (CP)

Dr. Péter Ferdinandy
February 26st   Treatment strategy of hypertension (CP) – (2019) Dr. Anikó Görbe
March 5th Treatment strategy of type 2 diabetes mellitus (CP) Dr. Zoltán Varga
March 12th Basic pharmacology of analgesics (2019)

Corticosteroids (2019)

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Khrasani

Dr. Tibor Zelles

March 19th   Immunpharmacology (2019)
Dr. Kornél Király
March 26th. Treatment strategy of autoimmune diseases (CP) – (2019)

Treatment strategy of pain (CP) – (2019)

Dr. Pál Riba
April 2nd Drugs affecting bone mineral homeostasis, Treatment strategy of osteoporosis (CP) (2019)

Agents used for treatment of peptic ulcer

Dr. Erzsébet Kató

Dr. Klára Gyires

April 9th   Thyroid hormones and antithyroid drugs (2019)

Sexual hormones (2019)

Contraceptives (CP) (2019)

Dr. László Köles
April 16th Spring holiday 
April 23th Drug affecting smooth muscles (2019)
Drugs of abuse (CP) (2019)
Dr. Erzsébet Kató
Dr. Pál Riba
April 30th University Day  
May 7th Treatment strategy of cancer (CP) (2019) Dr. István Peták
May 14th  Pharmacological aspects of emergency care (CP) Dr. Péter Kanizsai

CP = Clinical pharmacology lectures.

Budapest, January 28rd, 2019.

                                                                                                                           Dr. Péter Ferdinandy
Head of Department