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Topics of Lectures and Seminars – 2nd semester



Wednesday 1330-1415 Sz-06

Gr 1,2,3,4,5,6 Practice

Group 1,2 – 0800-0930
Dr. Gábor Brenner

Group 3,4 – 0800-0930 Sz-09
Dr. Zs. Gyarmati

Group 5,6 – 0800-0930 Sz-06
Dr. M. Balogh

02.06. Dr. L. Köles Inhibitors of platelet aggregation (2019)


02.06 Anticoagulants, fibrinolytics, treatment of bleeding. Drugs used in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases. Local circulation improving drugs. Drugs acting on erythropoiesis.
02.13. Student’s Conference 02.13. Student’s Conference
02.20. Dr. E. Kató Treatment strategy of chronic congestive heart failure. Positive inotropic drugs.(2018) 02.20. Diuretics, Antihyperlipidemic drugs.
02.27. Dr. Zoltán Giricz Antianginal drugs (2019) 02.27. Antihypertensive agents, Antiarrhytmic drugs
03.06. Dr. M. Al-Khrasani Drugs used in the treatment of peptic ulcer and reflux disease (2019) 03.06. 1st midterm. Pharmacology of the gastrointestinal tract. Prescription writing.
03.13. Dr. Mahmoud Al Khrasani Local anesthetics (2019) 03.13. Local anesthetics. Prescription writing.
03.20. Dr. E. Kató Opioid analgesics (2019) 03.20. Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs and further non-opioid analgesics. Drugs used in the treatment of gout.
03.27. Dr. T. Zelles Gluco- and mineralocorticoids (2019) 03.27. Hypothalamic and pituitary hormones. Sexual hormones and contraceptives
04.03. Dr. I. Miklya Drugs acting on glucose homeostasis (parenteral preparations) (2019) 04.03 Oral antidiabetics
04.10. Prof. V. Kecskeméti Drugs acting on bone homeostasis (2019) 04.10. 2nd midterm. Prescription writing. Drugs of abuse.
04.24. Prof. V. Kecskeméti Pharmacology of the smooth muscles (2019) 04.24.
Drugs influencing the thyroid function. Drugs used in the treatment of migraine. Retinoids.
05.01. Labour Day 05.01.
05.08. Dr. I. Miklya Anticancer drugs (2018) 05.08.
Immunpharmacology. Treatment of rheumathoid arthritis
05.15. Dr. H. Kalász Toxicology in the dental practice (2018) 05.15. Consultation. Prescription exam