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Topics of Lectures and Seminars – 1st semester

Pharmacology 1st semester

Friday 1110-1240 NET-Z
Group 1,2–Thursday, 1425-1555 L-05 Dr. I. Miklya
Group 3,4–Friday, 1250-1420 L-05 Dr. I. Miklya
Group 5,6–Friday, 1250-1420 L-04 Dr. M. Al-Khrasani
Group 7,8–Thursday, 1425-1555 Sz-02 Dr. M. Al-Khrasani
13.09. Dr. E. Kató Introduction to pharmacology.(2019/2020) 12-13.09. Pharmacodynamics I.
20.09. Dr. H. Kalász Pharmacokinetics (2019/2020) 19-20.09. Pharmacodynamics II.
27.09. Dr. M. Al-Khrasani Basics of the neurotransmission of autonomic nervous system (2019/2020) 26-27.09. Parasympathomimetics. Parasympatholytics
04.10. Dr. I. Miklya Skeletal muscle relaxants (2019/2020) 03-04.10. Sympathomimetics
11.10. Dr. L. Köles Sympatholytics (2019/2020) 10-11.10. Pharmacology of the respiratory tract
18.10. Dr. M. Al-Khrasani Local anesthetics (2019/2020) 17-18.10. General anesthetics
25.10. Holiday 24-25.10. Holiday
01.11. All Saint’s Day  31.10.-01.11. 31.10. Consultation

01.11. All Saint’s Day

08.11. Dr. E. Kató Antidepressants and antimanic drugs (2019/2020) 07-08.11. Antiepileptics
15.11. Dr. A. Görbe

Dr. M. Al-Khrasani

Anxiolytics, sedative-hypnotics (2018/2019)

Antipsychotics (2019/2020)

14-15.11. Drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, nootropic drugs
22.11. Dr. V. Kecskeméti General considerations of antimicrobial therapy. Penicillins. (2018/2019) 21-22.11. Carbapenems. monobactams, β-lactamase inhibitors. Cephalosporins, glycopeptide- and lipopeptide antibiotics
29.11. Dr. E. Kató Antibacterial therapy I. Protein synthesis inhibitors (50S): Macrolides, ketolides, lincosamides, streptogramins, linezolid, chloramphenicol (2019/2020) 28-29.11. Aminoglycosides, tetracyclines, glycylcyclines, metronidazole. Antiprotozoal drugs (except antimalarial agents)
06.12. Dr. I. Miklya Antibacterial therapy II. DNA gyrase inhibitors, antifolates. Antimalarial therapy (2019/2020) 05-06.11. Antituberculotics, special antibiotics (polymyxins, bacitracin, nitrofurantoin, phosphomycin) Desinfectants and antiseptics.
13.12. Dr. Z. Giricz Antiviral drugs (2019/2020) 12-13.12. Antifungal and antihelmintic drugs. Consultation.