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The institute of Human Sciences

Acting Head of the Institute:

Dr. Mascher Róbert, college associate professor

Address: 1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 6.

Telephone: +36-1-224-1537



The Education Activity of the Institute:

The primary activity of the Institute is to develop and enrich the intellectual horizon of Hungarian and foreign students in the fields of Humanities, to promote the latest accomplishments of scientific research and to organize Hungarian and international research projects. We aim at finding a worthy place for the theoretical and practical disciplines of Conductive Education in the system of Humanities working in close cooperation with the Conductive Pedagogic Institute.

One of the basic ideas of András Pető’s method is COMPLEXITY.  It means that Conductive Education has to include all the daily activities, even the children’s school programmes. The conductor has to be able to teach kindergarten and elementary school children with disability, and they have to be able to organize free time activities as well. Our lecturers teach the subjects connected to the two specializations of conductor training /kindergarten and elementary school teacher/  and the methodology of these fields e.g. Mathematics, Sciences, Hungarian Language and Literature, Rhetorics, Physical Education, Music, Arts, Puppetry. The Institute also organizes the supervision of the methodology and the subject pedagogy of small group practice and the integrated education practice at external institutes.

The Institute of Humanities offers courses in subjects belonging to the areas of  Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences. These fields of Sciences link up organically with the theory and practice of Conductive Pedagogy. The institute also offers foreign language courses /English, German, French and Russian/ to help the students be able to work abroad. The high quality work of final thesis and the research projects of the Students’ Scholarly Circle are supported by the Institute, too.  We pay special attention to our students’ intellectual and physical condition and to their general knowledge, which is of primary importance from the point of view to develop an intellectual attitude.

The Institute considers it a key task to form the students’ research methodological attitude. It is significant as it supports Conductive Pedagogy, as a research science and prepares it to be ready to meet the challenges of modern times. We are continuously modernizing our compulsory and optional subjects by building in the new results of the related Sciences and the experiences of the Conductive Education.

The institute of Human Sciences, lecturers

Babos Zsuzsanna, mesteroktató –
Czigléné Farkas Katalin, adjunktus –
Frank Tamás, tanársegéd –
Gál Franciska, tanársegéd –
Hampuk Beáta, nyelvtanár –
Hollósy Helga, nyelvtanár –
Lengyel János Dr., nyelvtanár –
Marosy Judit, nyelvtanár –
Mascher Róbert Dr., főiskolai docens (HTI Ig.) –
Matos László Dr., főiskolai docens –
Pintér Henriett Dr., főiskolai docens –
Sáringerné Dr. habil Szilárd Zsuzsanna, főiskolai tanár –
Schaffhauser Franz Dr., egyetemi tanár –
Simon Tünde, tanársegéd, –
Sipeki Irén, tanársegéd –
Szegfű Mária Dr., főiskolai tanár –
Dr. Tenk Mikósné Dr. Zsebe Andrea, főiskolai tanár (SE PAK dékán) –

A képzési egység ügyintézője:
Weiss Judit
, Dékáni Hivatal
Telefon: 06 (1) 224-1500

Semmelweis Egyetem Pető András Kar
1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 8.
Tantárgypedagógia szakos oktatók: 2. oktatói szoba, 06-(1) 224-1576
Nyelvtanárok: 152/c. szoba 06-(1) 224-1500/1014
Pedagógia szakos oktatók: 218. szoba , 06-(1) 224-1578