5-day course comprising theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations, recommended for physiotherapists, educators specialising in early development, nurses, teachers, integration teachers, therapists and special education teachers from Hungary and abroad.

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Day 1: Theoretical presentations. The properties of conductive education at different ages (infancy, pre-school, primary school, adults). The importance of early CE. The specialities of early CE and its role in CE. The characteristics of the particular age groups and symptom complexes. The importance of screening and detection. The connection between the family and CE in the early phase of life. The shaping of the conductive programme at a given age. The duties of conductive kindergarten groups. The position of school age children in the CE system. Opportunities to develop abilities and skills in the lower classes of primary school. Opportunities to improve learning disorders. Adults in the CE system. Habilitation versus rehabilitation. Factors, goals and developmental levels determining the composition of the programmes. Social integration, the role of social factors influencing the quality of life. Analysis of the learning process, survey of cases, observation of sessions. Methods of psychological assistance.

Days 2-5: Observation of practice and consultation in conductive groups at different units of the Institute. Target group: Physiotherapists, educators specialising in early development, nurses, teachers from Hungary and abroad, integration teachers, therapists, special education teachers.

The courses will take place on the condition that a sufficient number of applications are received. ANDRÁS PETŐ FACULTY – Kútvölgyi út 8, 1125 Budapest *Phone: +36-1-224-1500 Fax: +36-1-224-1531 * E-mail: * Website:

Special dates and prices may be agreed if a particular organisation or institution has the intention to send an appropriate number of participants (at least 10).

Please note that course participants are not allowed to take still or motion pictures of the programmes. For information and to apply please contact Eszter Daróczy at
or call Gabriella Földiné Németh at +36 1 224 1518.