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Molecular Cell Biology II

Faculty of Medicine
3 credit points, final examination, Gábor Bánhegyi; AOKOVM464_2A

2017/2018 Fall semester

Teaching secretary: Gergely Keszler


The Molecular Cell Biology II course encompasses several medically important aspects of cell biology such as signal transduction, cell cycle and apoptosis, which are essential to understand the molecular background of a range of common diseases, such as cancer and neurodegeneration. The subcellular biochemistry module highlights the physiological and pathological role of intracellular organelles. Finally, an insight is provided into cutting-edge methods currently used in cell biology research.

It is obligatory to participate in the lectures, while no practical lessons or demonstrations are held throughout the semester. Consultations will be held by lecturers, when students can ask their questions with regard to the material of corresponding lectures. The oral final examination is based on the whole material of both semesters of Molecular Cell Biology.


Location: EOK (Tűzoltó u. 37-47.) Szent-Györgyi Lecture Hall
Duration: 70 min (Three Thursdays 18:00-14:20)
1.11-15 Sept.Signal transduction ISipeki
Signal transduction IISipeki
2.18-22 Sept.Signal transduction IIISipeki
Signal transduction IVSipeki
3.25-29 Sept.Intracellular signalsKapuy
4.2-6 Oct.Regulation of the cell cycle ICsala
Regulation of the cell cycle IICsala
5.09-13 Oct.Regulation of the cell cycle IIICsala
Apoptosis ICsala
6.16-20 Oct.Apoptosis IICsala
Apoptosis IIICsala
7.24-27 Oct.Mechanisms of ageing ISőti
Mechanisms of ageing IISőti
8.30 Oct. - 3 Nov.Organization of eukaryotic cells; compartmentationStiller
Biogenesis of subcellular organellesStiller
9.06-10 Nov.Components of the cytoskeletonStiller
Molecular motor proteinsStiller
10.13-17 Nov.Vesicular transportStiller
Mechanisms of exo- and endocytosisStiller
11.20-24 Nov.Protein targeting into metabolic compartments IMészáros T.
Protein targeting into metabolic compartments IIMészáros T.
12.27 Nov. - 1 Dec.Formation of the metabolom of compartmentsMészáros T.
Signalling in organelle stressMészáros T.
13.4-8 Dec.Extracellular matrixCsermely
Tissue architecture, adhesion moleculesCsermely
14.11-15 Dec.Methods in cell biology I (cell cultures)Szelényi
Methods in cell biology II (cell fractionation, in vivo microscopy etc.)Kapuy


Location: EOK (Tűzoltó u. 37-47.) Beznák or Hevesy lecture hall

Three consultations will be held as specified below, providing an opportunity to ask your questions with regard to the material of lectures. Participation is voluntary.

Date and timeLocationConsultants
5th October, 18:00-19:00Beznák lecture hallKapuy, Sipeki
2nd November, 18:00-20:0Hevesy lecture hallCsala, Sőti
30th November, 18:00-20:00Hevesy lecture hallStiller, Mészáros T.




Lecture slides, seminar handouts, laboratory manuals are available here.
The password to download pages can be obtained from the lecturers personally.